Mercy Global Action: Mercy & the Displacement of Persons
Carmen Rosa Callomamani rsm (Americas): 'Migrants'

It is very painful to speak of our migrant brothers and sisters in the context of COVID 19 that we are now living. Migrants are the most vulnerable population during this pandemic.  What a paradox life is.  They left fleeing hunger and misery and now a virus, miniscule in size, has the capacity to paralyze the entire world; questioning all of the comforts of a minority of the world’s population that has believed it had the power to possess life. However, the entire world has also questioned our lifestyle and reactions on various levels, placing us face to face with the fragility of our socio-economic and political system.

On the other hand, we see our mother earth, clean and fresh.  Other beings rejoice; it is very good for them…. We hope that this experience has been a time to value that which has no price: health, family, our environment, our farmers who continue working to feed us despite the pandemic.

After sharing this reflection, I would like to focus on the issue of migrants, a population that is surely being heavily impacted during the pandemic. ..

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English translation by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. Traducción al inglés por las Hermanas de la Misericordia de las Américas.

Carmen Rosa is a Sister of Mercy of the Americas and was born in a farming community in Puno, Peru, where she acquired her first language Aymara. Although fluent in her native language, she felt a great disadvantage when starting school as Spanish was the only language spoken.  From this painful experience, her vocation as an educator was born. Carmen firmly believes that education, both formal and informal, is the key to system change. She is currently General Coordinator for the ‘Project of Vulnerable children’.

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