Theological Imaginings: Faith Traditions and Mercy
Peta Goldburg rsm (Brisbane)

Sometimes, we are so familiar with our own faith tradition that we take it for granted and cannot see it as outsiders might.  Studying and interacting with other faith traditions can provide insight into our home tradition or ‘house faith’, as Catherine Cornille (2019) calls it, and as a result we often see and hear things differently. Each Sister of Mercy belongs to a particular ‘house of faith’ which is influenced and shaped by cultural experiences across the world.  From within our ‘house of faith’ we are encouraged to reach out in order to intentionally and sympathetically interact with other systems of theological belief.  If we do so, we open up the possibility of a richer appreciation of our own house of faith.   

Inter-religious empathy or entering into another’s worldview is a developing area within the study of religions and takes us to another level beyond simply studying the key beliefs and practices of other faith traditions.  Inter-religious empathy involves a delicate balance between deep commitment to one’s own faith tradition and an openness to the ‘religious other’.   

In order to explore faith traditions and mercy, I have chosen to focus on the Abrahamic traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) and then to touch briefly on the Eastern traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism...

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Peta Goldburg is a member of the Brisbane Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy and is the Foundation Chair of Religious Education at Australian Catholic University. As well as her role on the Congregation Leadership Team, Peta works extensively with Catholic Education authorities across Australia. Her most recent publications include Faith-Based Identity & Curriculum in Catholic Schools (Routledge, 2020) Jim Gleeson and Peta Goldburg and a text book for senior secondary students studying world religions entitled Religion: Contexts and Expressions (Cambridge University Press, 2020).

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