Artistic Response: Presence of/with/to God
Marilyn Brown rsm (The Congregation)
  1. I have used a spiral to represent God in this painting, to echo the spirals used by some of the first peoples of the world - the Maoris, the Indigenous peoples of Australia and some Native American tribes - to represent the Divine in their art. Purple for the Holy Spirit and gold for the Creator, our Father/Mother God are seventh chakra colours which govern the energy of communicating with the Divine and green for Christ, the energy of compassionate love and healing, as well as deep incarnation within creation.
  2. All of creation - contained in the Earth- as well as humanity – represented by the woman – are present to the Trinity. The air and waters of the earth are being cleansed of pollution, which has moved up into the Arctic Circle.  This cleansing has been facilitated by Humanity being in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The woman is distant/disconnected from the earth, both due to the lockdown and to us not seeing ourselves as part of creation, but rejoicing and giving praise for the cleansing of the earth. She is connected to the Trinity through Christ, the Way back into the cleansed earth. 

The spiral purposely does not fit onto the page as God cannot be confined within space.

Questions for reflection.

How can we maintain this impetus of decreased pollution set in motion by our enforced lockdown?

How can we communicate with Creation in a renewed spirit of reverence and interconnectedness and no longer see ourselves as apart from/dominant over Creation?

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Marilyn Brown rsm has been both a teacher and nurse in rural areas in South Africa. She has also trained as a spiritual director and practised complementary healing at Coolock House, a retreat/holiday house situated on the Indian Ocean near Durban.  Marilyn continues to explore both colour and language to express her relationship with the Divine.

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