Artistic Response: Presence to Earth
Carmel Bracken rsm (The Congregation): 'A 2020 Vision'

Earth has been sending us
Alarming distress signals
For many years now
Calling us to awaken
And change our ways.

For a multitude of reasons
We looked away
Unable or unwilling
To halt business as usual
Though knowing deep within
That we had disrupted nature’s capacity
To create conditions conducive
To all of life. 

What if 2020 is truly offering us
The gift of clearer vision ?
What if the invisible Covid 19 virus
Is making visible
The invisible viruses
Held within an outdated worldview
Viruses that are the root causes
Of global problems and catastrophes.

The virus of thinking we are separate from nature
The virus of believing we can control her
The virus of believing she is a machine
That we can manipulate.
The virus of thinking she is a dead thing
We can mine and frack at will?...

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Carmel Bracken is a Sister of Mercy of the Northern Province in Ireland. She was a teacher of Maths and Science for 10 years. After spending five years living and working in Nigeria she studied for an MA in Culture and Spirituality in California. This has shaped her current ministry which ranges from co-ordinating an Earth Wisdom group in her province to facilitating wellbeing groups locally.  She has also trained in various modalities of Energy healing and is the author of a book of poetry called ‘The Gift of a Friend.’ She is interested in exploring the integration of science and spirituality and the power of subtle activism.    

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