Artistic Response: Presence to Self & Others
Catherine Elliott (North Sydney)

As we farewell the extraordinary year that was 2020, the first year of a new decade, I thought it timely to express gratitude for the enduring presence of Mercy gifted to us from our forebears. Their practical example continues to inspire the mercy world to lead and to love with the dignity of both self and others at the heart of all that we do.

We are asked to contemplate who are ‘the other’? At first glance we might identify them as our kin, our neighbours, our community, the world, the earth, all living things. At a deeper dive, ‘the other’ are the sick, the marginalised, the homeless, the lonely, the poor, the aged, the silenced, the displaced.

We are compelled to heed the call (often the cry) of others, those in need of our authentic presence. Presence to others may only be truly realised once our hearts are tuned inwards, listening and reflecting and acting on our inner voice, the ultimate act of presence to self...

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Catherine Elliott is a Mercy Partner who works at Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College as their Community Liaison. Catherine also works in mission and formation for the Sisters of Mercy North Sydney in her role as Mercy 6 Coordinator.

As a mother of three Monte Alumni, Catherine appreciates first-hand the transformative effects of a Mercy education on young women.

Catherine noted that she is not an artist, rather someone who appreciates art for its beauty and meaning. The request to submit an artistic rendition of Presence to Self and Others sent her on a path of creative learning, including Indian beading, photography, watercolour painting and calligraphy, all in anticipation of creating an artistic piece. Ultimately, Catherine chose a digital method in the production of The Mercy Effect.

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