Musings for the Journey: Presence to Earth
Guiding Group
  • In what ways do I feel a deep and abiding connection with Earth?
  • What does it mean to me to know that the life of creation is an ongoing, living utterance of God?
  • How does knowing we are intimately connected encourage me to nourish my connections with  Earth?

In my hearing these voices and seeing these presentations on the Presence of Earth:


In all the voices – theologian, artist, distinct voice, scientist, minister, global thinker, prayer maker – which voice speaks most passionately to me about being present to Earth?


In all the voices, which one speaks something that I do not want to hear about my being present to Earth?


In each voice, what do I learn about how I see Earth most clearly and most present in my life and in my ministry?

Opportunities for Sharing:

  • Who do I know who would love to see this, or part of this, process?
  • How could I get it to them?
  • What is something I have read or seen or heard elsewhere that really connects with this process, that's too good to keep to myself?

Please send it on to Anne Walsh at

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