Reflective Prayer: Presence of/with/to God
Josephine Davies rsm, Cathy Edge rsm (Great Britain Institute)
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I belong to the Institute of Our Lady of Mercy in England and at present am living in a community of eight mostly elderly Sisters in Hull in Yorkshire.

I am fortunate to have had an interesting life, having spent 16+ years in northern Kenya in a desert area establishing education for girls.  We started primary and secondary education and a small polytechnic there. 

I have also spent ten years on Central Leadership doing the work of Congregational Bursar - with a lot of help!  I then moved to Oldham where we sold our house to the Coptic Church.  And so to Hull.

I enjoy reading, knitting and cooking in my present semi- retirement!

Cathy Edge is a member of Institute UK.  Cathy has an MA in Ecology and Theology.  She was a school chaplain and is currently working for Co-op Funeralcare, arranging funerals as a member of a team which includes bereavement support in a safe environment. 

During the time of Covid 19 Cathy has been assisting some Religious Congregations, Spiritual Directors and Chaplains in the use of technology to enable them to continue to meet with others.  She promotes the Mercy Charism through the use of social media.  She has been instrumental in setting up an online group for Religious in the UK who are involved in digital communication, including the use of social media to highlight the reality and future of Religious Life in the 21st century.

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