Facilitators guide: Compassionate Heart
Guiding Group

The Facilitators Guide offers three of many possible approaches to using these resources and may be of interest to individuals as well as groups.

The role of the Facilitator will necessarily include organising the group’s access at the session to the resources on screen or in print.

A suggested structure for each Session is:

  1. Preparation of the Focus Space
  2. Prayer
  3. Introduction
  4. Content Explored
  5. Reflection and Discussion
  6. Closing

As this is the second theme of the fourth and final Segment, most groups will have already explored the context for Mercy Global Presence as “global” (Segment One), its spirit as “mercy” (Segment Two), and its experience as "presence" (Segment Three) so will be familiar with the process and the microsite.  For those coming new to the process, or wishing to revisit earlier themes, these Segments will remain available on the microsite.

Whichever presentation you, the Facilitator, or group first choose to engage with,  commence your work using the introduction by Elizabeth Davis rsm. 'We find our inspiration and our invitation to a compassionate heart in the words of the first creation story', Sr Elizabeth tells us. 'And the single most dominant image of God in the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament is that of the Compassionate One'

Once again, we offer three of many possible approaches to using resources from this theme, implementing the suggested structure (nos. 1-6). The approach used will depend on the needs, interests, abilities and situations of the group members. At this present time, groups that are able to meet are using video conferencing. Our suggested approaches take account of this and of face-to-face-meetings becoming possible again in the future.

Facilitators may, of course, use their own approach with the resources, or choose elements from these three suggested approaches to create a different approach. At the conclusion of the Session the Facilitator or another group member is encouraged to send on ‘what is too good for the group to keep to themselves’ to mgpfeedback@mercyinternational.ie

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