Good Reading: Creating Circles and Culture of Mercy
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Many of the resources gathered for Segment Three, 'Mercy' could be consulted as good reading for this theme, as could those for theme three of this Segment, 'Mercying'.

Circles of Mercy is the third in the series of Theological Imaginings presentations for Mercy Global Presence by Professors at the University of Durham. Dr Anna Rowlands is St Hilda Associate Professor in Catholic Social Thought and Practice at the University of Durham, England.

Ecological Mercy was presented by Dr Carmody Grey, Assistant Professor of Catholic Theology, for Segment Two, Theme Two, 'Degradation of Earth'.

Culture of Mercy was produced by Dr Victoria Biggs, La Retraite Fellow in Lived Theology, Trauma, and Reconciliation,  for Segment Four, Theme Four, 'Creating Circles & Culture of Mercy' 


For a culture of encounter

Pope Francis

13 September 2016

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What Pope Francis Means By a Culture of Encounter Thomas J Eggleston

Published 1 July 2015

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Encuentro: A Call for Our Time
Religious Formation Conference Address,
November 2017

Teresa Maya ccvi

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Chapter 2017 Recommitment: Called to New Consciousness

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

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PeerSpirit Inc: The Lifework of Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea

Check out the Circle Way and resources here

Healing Circles: Commonweal

Watch videos to learn definition, agreements & practices

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