Reflective Prayer: Creating Circles & Culture of Mercy
Sandra Lupi rsm (Brisbane): 'Through the Eyes of Mercy'

'Through the eyes of Mercy, with the hands of Mercy,
with the voices of Mercy, in the spirit of Mercy
we are emboldened to live our lives anew,
in Mercy and Justice to heal a hurting world.'

Context: A culture of encounter/mercy

Pope Francis has spoken of a ‘culture of encounter’ as a common goal, encouraging people to be fearless in the ways they look beyond themselves to the needs of others, “Faith is an encounter with Jesus, and we must do what Jesus does: encounter others." Encounter is, in some ways, a proxy for "mercy" placing the emphasis on compassion rather than judgment.  We are called not only to meet Christ in the poor, but that the poor perceive Christ in us and in our actions. By being rooted in Christ’s personal experience we can contribute to a “culture of mercy” that deeply renews hearts and opens up to a new reality...

Download the complete prayer (A4) Download the complete prayer (US Letter) Descargar la oración completo (Tamaño de papel A4) Descargar la oración completo (Tamaño carta, EE. UU.)

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Sandra Lupi is a Sister of Mercy from the Brisbane Congregation in Queensland, Australia and is the coordinator for the Mercy Global Presence process for her congregation.  Her areas of ministry have been in education and leadership. Sandra is currently a Director on the Board of Mater Misericordiae Hospitals in Queensland and Mangrove Housing Ltd.

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