Credits for VOICES

Our thanks to all who contributed to the making of VOICES:


Julia Upton RSM, Margaret Farley RSM, John F Haught, 
Elizabeth Johnson CSJ, Mary C Sullivan RSM

Mary Reynolds RSM, Sheila Curran RSM, Scholasticah Nganda RSM, 
Seán McDonagh SSC, Nellie McLaughlin RSM

Elaine Wainwright RSM, Veronica Lawson RSM, 
Patricia Powell RSM, Denis Edwards


Anne Walsh: Project Manager, Video Producer, Online Design and Development

Adele Howard RSM: Interviewer, Video Director, Production Consultant

Helen Diviney RSM - Production Accounts

Ben Milward-Bason: Video Editing
Clare Locke: Graphic Design
David Prestidge: IT Support

Camera Crews: 
Crew 1 TV NYCPrism ProductionsOdessa PicturesVisual Edge

Ronan Hand and Adele Howard RSM

Max Davis

Commissioned by the Mercy International Reflection Process Guiding Team. Supported by the MIRP Congregation and Institute Coordinators

Financed by the Members of Mercy International Association (MIA). Supported by the Executive Director, Mary Reynolds RSM, and Board of MIA

VOICES was produced at the Mercy Hub of Mission, Action and Spirituality in Nicholson Street, North Carlton, Melbourne

Post-production facilities were provided by Faye Kelly RSM, Community Leader, Community South C, ISMAPNG

© Mercy International Association 2016

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