Catherine McAuley (1778-1841), the founder of the Sisters of Mercy in 1831, frequently gave oral instructions to the first Mercy community.

Though she sometimes spoke explicitly about their religious vows, her words were always focused on the life, example, teachings, and evangelic spirit of Jesus Christ, emphasizing “resemblance” to him and fidelity to the calls of the Gospel. Her instructions have, therefore, a broad present-day relevance that can be inspiring and encouraging for all Christians. They are the “shining” words of a companion, a soul-friend, who offers guiding light to those who wend their pilgrim way toward the full-embrace of God’s merciful reign...

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"A Shining Lamp reveals the heart and spirituality of Catherine McAuley, the 'why' of doing the works of mercy, spiritual and corpo­ral. For any reader- Sisters of Mercy, Mercy co-workers, followers of Jesus- the oral instructions provide glimpses into the motivation and inspiration of this extraordinary founder. At the core of Catherine's journey, 'resemblance to Jesus, charity, patient suffering, and humil­ity' illuminate the path of mercy for her followers today. The Sisters of Mercy are indebted to the companions of Catherine who treasured and safeguarded her sayings, letters, poetry, and instructions as a gift to future generations. Sister Mary C. Sullivan, through her exemplary scholarship, now offers our Church these instructions as a contempo­rary interpretation for following Jesus Christ."

-Patricia McDermott rsm
 President, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

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Mary C. Sullivan rsm is the author of 'The Path of Mercy: The Life of Catherine McAuley' and the editor of 'The Correspondence of Catherine McAuley'