Mother Mary Vincent Whitty

Ellen Whitty, daughter of William Whitty and Johanna, née Murphy, was born in Poldharrigge, Co. ...
1819 - 1892


Mother Frances Warde

Frances Warde was born in 1810 at Bellbrook House in Abbeyleix, County Laois, Ireland. She was t...
1810 - 1884

United States

Mother Juliana Hardman

The first Reverend Mother of St Mary’s Convent, Handsworth was Juliana Hardman. She came from a ...
1813 - 1854


Mother Ursula Frayne

Born in Dublin, Ursula entered in Baggot Street in 1834 and was trained by the foundress Mother ...
1816 - 1885


Mother Cecilia Maher

Ellen Maher was born in Freshford, Kilkenny, on September, 1799. Her father, John Maher, was a p...
1799 - 1878

New Zealand

Mother Mary Angela Dunne

Margaret Dunne was born in 1788 in the townland of Rahinhole, Co. Laois. Her parents were Jeremi...
1788 - 1863


Mother M. Stanislaus O’Malley

On November 7, 1921, Mother M. Stanislaus O’Malley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy in Vermont...
1846 - 1921

United States

Mary Ann Doyle

The first young woman to offer her services to Catherine McAuley in her efforts for those who we...
1801 - 1866


Mother Elizabeth Moore

The plight of the Catholic population, residing in Limerick’s Old Town in the 1830s, was utterly...
1806 - 1868


Mother Mary Teresa White

Of all the Sisters, Sister M. Teresa has more of my spirit and I trust more to her guiding the I...
1809 - 1888


Sister Mary Bernard Dickson

Sister M. Bernard Dickson is regarded as the founding sister of the Sisters of Mercy, Wellington...
1810 - 1895

New Zealand

Mary Francis Creedon

Who was Marianne Creedon? We know very little about her. Not one word of hers was handed down to...
1811 - 1855


Mother Mary Clare (Georgiana) Moore

Georgiana Moore was born in Dublin of Protestant parents on March 20, 1814, the daughter of Geor...
1814 - 1874


Reverend Mother Agnes O'Connor

Born in Kilkenny, Ireland on January 6, 1815, Mary was the youngest of ten children of Patrick a...
1815 - 1859


Mother Mary Ligouri Gibson

Jane Frances”Fanny” Gibson was born in Manchester on 12 July 1819, the third daughter of Michael...
1819 - 1881


Sister Mary Teresa Farrell

Alicia Farrell was born in the 1820's to Christopher and Marianne Farrell in Naas, Ireland, abou...
1820s - 1892

United States

Mother Mary Bernard Garden

Mother Mary Bernard Garden was a truly remarkable woman who, despite all the time she spent trav...
1824 - 1893


Sister Mary Angela Gilsenan

I Brigid Gilsenan, was born in Kilskyre, Meath, a County which borders Offaly and Dublin, both s...
1822 - 1887


Mother Mary Philomene Maguire

Mother Philomene Maguire lived in Ireland during the harrowing days of the Famine and its afterm...
1825 - 1888


Mother Mary Baptist Russell

Katherine Russell never met Catherine McAuley but she shared her passion for the poor and her ze...
1829 - 1898

United States

Mother Paul Fielding

Eliza Fielding was born in the village of Rochfort Bridge in county Westmeath on 21 November 183...
1834 - 1905


Sister M Cecilia Marmion

What was the reaction of Francis and Mary Marmion when three of their daughters, in turn, joined...
c1816 - 1849


Mother Mary Teresa Austin Carroll

Margaret Anne Carroll was born in Clonmel, County Tipperary on February 23, 1835, the fourth of ...
1835 - 1909

United States

Sister Aloysius Scott

When Catherine McAuley was in the newly opened convent in Galway in June 1840 she wrote to Franc...
181? - 1844


Sister M. Agnes Graham

On January 10, 1881, five Sisters of Mercy came to Ballarat East. Until then they had been membe...
1839 - 1894


Sister M. Dolorosa Waldron

Sister Dolorosa Waldron, baptised Anna Eliza, called Elsie, and later Dolo, by her family, was b...
1898 - 1970


M. Teresa Cowley

Reminiscent of the first plot of ground which Abraham acquired in the land of Canaan, when he bo...
c1857 - 1914

South Africa

M Antonio Egan

Founder of the First Convent of Mercy on the west coast of Newfoundland....
1852 - 1939


Earliest Pioneer Sisters of Mercy in the Americas

In the fifteen years between 1843 and 1858, six groups of women left various convents in Ireland...

United States

Foundresses of the Sisters of Mercy Goulburn

In accordance with a directive from Pope Pius X, Bishop Lanigan, Bishop of Goulburn in 1907 pres...


Foundresses of the Sisters of Mercy United States

Not to be aware of the past, is to remain forever a child" We, in the United States Province, ar...

United States

Foundation of the Sisters of Mercy at Tacloban

The Feast of St. Brigid, the first Irish nun, February 1, 1954 was a bitterly cold day in Cork. ...


Standing on Their Shoulders (Newfoundland)

The story of the Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland is a story of valiant women, women of faith an...