Thursday 16 July 1959
12 Sisters from Brooklyn arrive in Panama to begin their work
March 22, 1855

St Xavier Convent, Providence attacked by Know-Nothings

March 22, 1966

Provincialate and novitiate moved from Detroit to Farmington Hills, Michigan

March 24, 1853

Foundation to Ballinasloe from Loughrea - M Bernard Maguire/M Magdalen Bourke

March 24, 1884

Death of Mother Juliana Hardman, first Superior of St Mary's Convent, Handsworth

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March 24, 1835

Convent opened at Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire) for Sisters to convalesce

March 25, 2000

Sr M Michael Bell began Youth Mercy Associates in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

March 25, 1935

Opening of Mercy Hospital, Melbourne - M Frances Hanigan

March 25, 1843

Sister Mary Joseph Nugent, received 1842, professed March 25, 1843, St. John’s, Newfoundland. She is the first Sister of Mercy received and professed outside the British Isles and in the Americas.

March 25, 2000

Sister Patricia Bell founded Youth Mercy Associates, North Shields, England

March 27, 1957

Foundation to Phillipines from Buffalo - M Vincent Vossler

March 27, 1922

Amalgamation of New Mexico/Arizona, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco to form Burlingame community

March 28, 1869

Foundation to St Alphonsus, New Orleans from St Louis

March 29, 1883

Death of M Vincent Haire, Foundress of Brooklyn

March 29, 1978

Inauguration of Aged Care Services by Perth Congregation

March 29, 1869

Independence, Iowa founded from Davenport - M Francis Monholland

March 30, 1956

Foundation to Nairobi from Dublin - M Imelda Collins

March 31, 2000

150 years of education on the site of St Mary's College Wellington was celebrated.

April 01, 1949

Newfoundland became 10th Province of Canada - 200 "first Mercy Sisters in Canada"

April 02, 1986

Sister began management of Regina Caeli refuge for women, Melbourne - Judith Tellesfson

April 03, 1987

Opening of Aged Care Facility, Cronulla from Parramatta - M C Coyle

April 03, 1902

Foundation to Casterton from Yarrawonga - M of Sacred Heart Kelly

April 03, 1994

Profession of Carmen Rosa Ccallomamani, first Aymaran Sister, Peru

April 03, 1880

Foundation to Maryborough, Queensland from Brisbane - M Borgia Byrne

April 04, 2002

Closure of the Falklands Mission.