Friday 27 June 1856
Foundation to St Louis from New York - M Magdalen de Pazzi Bentley
June 27, 1960

Final profession of first Maori Sister, Elizabeth Ihaka

June 28, 1923

Aldeburgh Convent, Suffolk founded from Abingdon, Berkshire, England - Sr Francis Boulger.

June 28, 1855

Foundation to Baltimore from Pittsburgh - M Catherine Wynne

June 29, 1967

Mission to Alaska from Albany - Arlene Boyd

June 29, 1885

Death of M Evangelista Fitzpatrick, Foundress of Buenos Aires and Adelaide

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June 29, 1885

Foundation to Clogheen from Cahir - M Bernard Vaughan

June 29, 1883

Foundation to Portlais from Cahir - M Peter Claver McCarthy

June 29, 1883

Portland separated from Manchester; foundation of Sisters of Mercy, Maine

June 30, 1990

Albany motherhouse ravaged by fire

June 30, 1837

Death of novice M Aloysius Thorpe at Baggot St

July 01, 2000

Sr.Patricia Bell, North Shields, England, enrolled first 8 children into Youth Mercy Associates.(YMA)

July 01, 1999

Mercy Pacific Hui held in Kaikoura.

July 01, 1977

Opening of St Catherine's Villa, Grafton - M Eymard Kennedy

July 01, 1959

Pittsburgh Sisters assume sponsorship of Holy Cross Hospital, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

July 01, 1896

Sisters invited to take charge of Hospital in Castletownbere, Co Cork

July 02, 1844

First Foundation of Sisters of Mercy in the Archdiocese of Westminster in Queen Square, Bloomsbury

July 02, 1851

St Joseph's Church, Cordier Hill, Guernsey, Channel Islands designed by A W Pugin opened.

July 02, 1874

Dediction of St Catherine's Convent, Tralee

July 02, 1897

Opening of Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Sacramento, California

July 03, 1942

7 Sisters evacuated from Alderney, Channel Islands join the Gravesend Sisters in Hartley, Kent.

July 03, 1836

Catherine's niece, M Anne Agnes professed, Baggot St

July 03, 1842

M Catherine Gogarty professed Baggot St, died Perth 1846

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July 04, 2005

Mercy Sculpture Centre, in Melbourne, Australia, is officially opened - Sister Gael O'Leary

July 04, 1916

Union of Sisters of Mercy, Cloyne