Friday 05 October 1917
Fire partially destroyed St Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona (it was rebuilt within three months)
October 06, 1963

St Mary's Mercy Hospital opens in Onerahi, Whangarei. It would later become Mercy Hospital Northland.

October 06, 1844

M Anastasia Beckett professed, Birr

October 07, 1864

Foundation to Tipperary from Limerick - M Catherine McNamara

October 07, 1989

Mercy Union Foundation - Stechford, Birmingham

October 07, 1880

Death of M Clare Augustine Moore, artist

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October 08, 1869

Foundation to Louisville, Kentucky

October 09, 1961

Death of M Imelda Collins, four times Superior at Baggot St

October 09, 1893

Death of M Xavier Wood, Birmingham

October 09, 1884

Death of M Catherine Ryan, the first sister to be buried in Golden Bridge

October 10, 1852

Foundation to Athy from Baggot St - M Vincent Whitty/M Teresa Maher

October 10, 1888

M Teresa White died - Foundress Galway/Clifden

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October 11, 1962

Argentina became part of Detroit province

October 12, 1992

Memorandum and Articles of Association of Mercy International Association were signed

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October 12, 1888

Mother Mary Clare Dunphy led eight other sisters to Australia from Callan County, Kilkenny in 1888 arriving 12 October. The foundation to Parramatta was the final group of sisters to come to New South Wales from Ireland.

October 12, 1928

Diocesan Normal School, Albany accredited - M Joan of Arc

October 13, 1890

Foundation to Alnwick, Northumberland from Cordier Hill, Channel Islands - Sr Evangelist Costello.

October 13, 1845

Foundation to Mallow, Co Cork from Limerick - M Baptist Purcell

October 13, 1828

Georgiana Moore (later M Clare) joined the community at Baggot St as resident worker and governess

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October 14, 1845

Margaret Garden entered Liverpool Convent - became Sr Mary Bernard.

October 14, 1887

Foundation to Casino from Grafton - M de Sanctis Collins

October 14, 1876

Death at Baggot St of M Agnes Whitty, Crimea, Buenos Aires

October 14, 1851

Foundation to Ballina from Sligo - M de Sales McDonnell

October 15, 1878

Foundation to Hokitika from Ennis, Co Clare - M Clare Moloney

October 15, 1860

Foundation to Vicksburg from Baltimore - M de Sales Brown