Monday 18 August 1952
Death of M Kostka Kirby, Foundress of Dunedin
September 13, 1882

Death of M Bernard Maguire, Foundress of Longford

September 14, 1878

First Native American mission in Maine, Indian Island, Old Town - M Frances Warde

September 14, 1957

Foundation to British Columbia, Canada

September 15, 1985

Day care centre for homeless men, Adelaide, South Australia – Janet Mead

September 15, 1912

Death of M Aloysius O'Driscoll, Foundress of Gunnedah, New South Wales

September 15, 1901

Foundation to Eyrecourt, Galway

September 15, 1924

Founding of College Misericordia, Dallas

September 15, 1868

Greenbush Community became independent of NY - M Vincent Sweetman

September 15, 1849

M Cecilia Marmion died Baggot St

September 17, 1923

Opening of Catholic Central High School, Troy, New York

September 17, 1884

Death of M Frances Warde, Manchester, New Hampshire, first American Foundress

September 18, 1828

Catherine sold Coolock House and estate to Henry Brooks

September 18, 1846

Foundation to Chicago from Pittsburgh - M Frances Warde

September 20, 1869

Foundation to Wilmington, North Carolina originated from Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Charleston, South Carolina- M Augustine Kent

September 20, 1841

Catherine left Birmingham on her last journey - back to Baggot St

September 21, 1893

Foundation to Marshalltown, Iowa from Providence, Rhode Island - M Angela Delaney

September 21, 1862

Foundation to Batavia, NY from Rochester - M Stanislaus McGarr

September 22, 1858

Foundation to Moorfields, London from Wexford - M Joseph Kearney

September 23, 1875

Foundation to John's Hill, Waterford from Clonakilty - Margaret M Maher

September 23, 1873

Foundation to Michigan from Brooklyn, New York - M Joseph Lynch

September 23, 1954

Foundation to Tacloban City, Phillipines from St Maries of the Isle, Cork

September 23, 1850

Foundation to Loughrea, Co Galway from Tullamaore - M Joseph Delamere

September 23, 1846

Foundation to Chicago II - Superior M Agatha O'Brien (just professed)

September 24, 1886

Foundation to Croydon from Bermondsey - Sr Winifred Furlong. An Industrial School begun for girls.