Thursday 16 July 1959
12 Sisters from Brooklyn arrive in Panama to begin their work
December 25, 1866

Death of M Teresa Kelly, Foundress of Wexford

December 27, 1840

Foundation to Birr from Baggot St - M Aloysius Scott

December 27, 1850

Death of M Vincent Egan, first to enter in Birr

December 28, 1949

Foundation to Glen Davis, New South Wales from Bathurst - M Kevin Muller

December 29, 1847

M Anastasia McGauley (first to take 4th vow) died, Pittsburgh

December 29, 1875

Foundation to Yass, New South Wales from Rochfortbridge - M Paul Fielding

December 30, 1868

Foundation to Channel Islands from Brighton

December 30, 1943

Goulburn Sisters open 'Mercedes' in North Sydney - M Agnes Scott

December 31, 1906

Opening of Boys' Orphanage, Goulburn, New South Wales - M Benignus Bowe

December 31, 1904

Burial at Bogan Gate, New South Wales, of William McAuley, Catherine's nephew

December 31, 1868

Foundation to Guernsey, Channel Islands from Brighton - Sr Francis Tadman