Tuesday 22 July 1873
Opening of St Saviours, Toowoomba, Queensland - M Rose Flanagan
August 28, 1928

Responsibility for Hammond, Indiana Institutions assumed by Grand Rapids Community - M Alphonsus Lefevre, M Reginald Dexter

August 28, 1843

Foundation to Liverpool from Baggot St - M Liguori Gibson

August 29, 1983

Foundation to Kipkelion, Ireland from Kerry Union

August 29, 1882

Convent opened in Boorowa, New South Wales from Goulburn

August 30, 1866

Convent at Douglas, Isle of Man founded from Liverpool.

August 30, 1879

Death of M Cecilia Xavier Maguire, Superior Baggot St 1854-58, Foundress of Geelong

August 30, 1924

Foundation to Great Neck, Long Island from Wilkes-Barre - M John Dowd

August 31, 1875

10 Sisters from Ennis, Ireland arrived in Singleton, Australia to establish a new Convent.

August 31, 1875

Foundation to Singleton from Ennis - M Stanislaus Kenny

September 01, 1899

Foundation to Whitstable, Kent from Bermondsey - Sr Camillus Dempsey.

September 01, 2009

The Mercy Law Resource Centre was opened in Dublin to provide free legal advice to homeless persons

September 01, 1984

Opening of C McAuley Centre for Women, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

September 01, 1984

Opening of Gurteen Daycare Centre, Co Sligo

September 01, 1959

Foundation to Rockledge, Florida from Limerick - M Columba Moran

September 01, 1887

Foundation to Deniliquin, New South Wales from Albury - M Bridget Hilly

September 01, 1869

Foundation to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania from Chicago - M Clare Grace

September 02, 1983

Institute of Our Lady of Mercy formed.

September 02, 1984

Foundation to Chepareria from Cloyne

September 02, 1920

Opening of Secondary School, Ballinasloe, Co Galway

September 03, 1926

Mission to New Mexico from Grand Rapids

September 03, 1849

Opening of first Pension school, Perth, Western Australia - M Ursula Frayne

September 04, 1857

Wigton Convent, Cumbria founded from Bermondsey - Sr Joseph Orpwood

September 04, 2000

150 years of Sisters of Mercy service in ANZ is celebrated. Celebrations attended by guests from throughout the Mercy world include gifting of a Sacred Space & bronze sculpture to Auckland.

September 04, 1874

Foundation to Hazelton from Buffalo - M Theresa Cantillon