Joanna Regan and Isabelle Keiss
January 19

Catherine's services for the Callaghans allowed her to feel her own sense of worth, and led her to make a valiant effort to develop that same sense in others.

Joanna Regan and Isabelle Keiss

January 18

Thus we may hope to get on, taking short, careful steps, not great strides.

Catherine McAuley

January 17

The sight of the poor should fill us with compassion.

M Frances Warde

January 16

Just leave things to God. He knows what is best for us.

M Patricia O’Neill

January 15

God has never bestowed all his blessings on one person. He did not give to St. Peter what he gave to St. Paul, nor to either what he gave to St. John.

Catherine McAuley

January 14

Let us never desire more than enough.

Catherine McAuley

January 13

Meditation... helps us to focus our attention and enables us to be connected to all that happens in our lives and in the World.

Kathleen McAlpin

January 12

What gives significance and relevance to our lives is the quality of our attachment to the Lord.

Gabrielle Jennings

January 11

Generosity of mind for the religious state ... is bestowing ourselves most freely and relying with unhesitating confidence on the Providence of God.

Catherine McAuley

January 10

She whirled to the boundaries of time… her step resounded mercy around the world.

Mary Vita Pandolfo

January 09

Let us not feel distressed that others know our faults. We all have our imperfections and shall have them till our death.

Catherine McAuley

January 08

We are not in great distress; our means are scanty but our wants are few.

M Ursula Frayne

January 07

No trouble is too great when obedience is concerned.

Catherine McAuley

January 06

The truest poverty consists in seeing that our wants are scantily supplied and rejoicing in the scarcity.

Catherine McAuley

January 05

"Love one another as I have loved you." This was the special command of Jesus Christ .... which as a most valuable legacy, He bequeathed to all His followers...

Catherine McAuley

January 04

Great tenderness of all things.

Catherine McAuley

January 03

When we give ourselves entirely into the hands of God He will so sweetly ordain all things for our greater comfort, even in this life.

Catherine McAuley