M Frances Warde
February 22

Our Lord did not make his disciples perfect at once, but allowed them to acquire perfection gradually.

M Frances Warde

February 21

Heaven would not be valued unless we had grievances to wean us from the things of this world.

M Vincent Whitty

February 20

…each is given a time and a place which belongs to no one else.

M Emily George

February 19

You have great reason to rejoice and return many thanks to God for blessing your humble efforts.

Catherine McAuley

February 18

The compass ... goes round its circle without stirring from its centre. Now our centre is God from whom all our actions should spring as from their source.

Catherine McAuley

February 17

After this dream of life, we shall be together in Heaven.

M Cecilia Maher

February 16

Her idealism led her to try and alleviate human need of every kind; her realism conviced her that the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy are a means of closer union with God.

Angela Bolster

February 15

The starting point for all conversion is embracing the present reality.

Katherine Doyle

February 14

We should be watchful over our countenance and our whole comportment, that it may be always pleasing and never gloomy or harsh.

Catherine McAuley

February 13

Let us rejoice when good is done, no matter by whom it is accomplished.

Catherine McAuley

February 12

They are doing the best they can; they mean well; we shall all be perfect when we go to Heaven.

M Teresa Maher

February 11

A person expands like a delicate flower to the touch of sympathy, kindness and understanding.

M Austin Carroll

February 10

A community in which this universal charity reigns is ... capable of surmounting all difficulties.

Catherine McAuley

February 09

There has been a most marked Providential Guidance which the want of prudence, vigilance or judgment has not impeded - and it is here we can most clearly see the designs of God.

Catherine McAuley

February 08

We are not the source of the ardent shape we hope to become, only the ready tinder: poor, flickering, utterly dependent on God’s designing fire.

Mary Sullivan

February 07

The rescue of a newly-born infant during the epidemic is an example of Catherine’s response in love to a perceived need.

Angela Bolster

February 06

Our sense of having been chosen for the works of liberation…is rich and dynamic.

Sheila Carney