Catherine McAuley
August 19

Let me know when you are closely pressed and I will divide with you, be it ever so little.

Catherine McAuley

August 18

They shall be willing on all occasions to help and assist one another, bearing with patience and charity each other's defects, weaknesses, and imperfections.

Catherine McAuley

August 17

It is not everyone, even of those who are benefited, that feels thankful. If you work with that expectation, you will often feel disappointed.

Catherine McAuley

August 16

The God who is ever about the new thing says: O that today you would hear my voice.

M Emily George

August 15

The Holy Spirit will never fail us though his designs may not be what we expect.

M Patricia O’Neill

August 14

Everywhere Catherine and her sisters went, they drew around them a circle of women and some men who participated enthusiastically in the mission.

Mary Celeste Rouleau

August 13

Our hearts can always be in the same place, centred in God, for whom alone we go forward or stay back.

Catherine McAuley

August 12

There is not one single pound in this convent today. God is good to us.

M Paula Ennis

August 11

The proof of love is deed.

Catherine McAuley

August 10

You must be cheerful and happy, animating all around you.

Catherine McAuley

August 09

The sun never, I believe, went down on our anger.

Catherine McAuley

August 08

How silently and brilliantly the lamp in the sanctuary burns ... when the oil is pure and good; it is only when it is otherwise that it twinkles and makes noise.

Catherine McAuley

August 07

We find in her an amazing act of daring: she made her first foundation with only one professed Sister and a novice! Surely a tiny mustard seed!

Carmel Bourke

August 06

For Catherine, the cross was a dimensional reality that she was able to name, and even at times welcome.

Marianne Hieb

August 05

The Lord is master of his own gifts.

M Cecilia Maher

August 04

For Catherine, Mercy in the form of a compassionate practical response to need was where she believed she was called by God.

Brenda Dolphin

August 03

Catherine seems to have been enlarging our heart space, readying us to embrace in mutual affection our multi-cultural sisterhood.

Mary Trainer