Catherine McAuley
March 25

We should implore the assistance of the Blessed Virgin in all our duties.

Catherine McAuley

March 24

The outstanding feature of Catherine McAuley's behaviour precisely as a founder was not that she was outstanding, though she was. Rather it was her animation of the zeal of her com

Mary Sullivan

March 23

Pray for me that I may be able to render a faithful account of my stewardship.

M Ignatius McQuoin

March 22

Despite its stark realism, Catherine’s ‘Spirituality of the Cross’ was infused with the certain hope of resurrection.

Angela Bolster

March 21

The Sisters of Mercy are eminently practical and over time have translated their tradition and their vision into tangible expressions of the Gospel.

Jan Geason

March 20

Catherine leaves it to us to point out new ways in which to respond to the voices of the victims of a sick society.

M. and J. Tobin

March 19

God has been so good to us; we must do something extra to prove our gratitude.

M Austin Carroll

March 18

Get all the prayers you can for me - that I may get through this new business as well as I can.

Catherine McAuley

March 17

The best way to regard all happenings is as designed or at least permitted by God.

M Patricia O’Neill

March 16

Often burnished as gold in the fire, Catherine came forth…more compassionate, more possessed by God.

M Joanna Regan

March 15

Among the many natural virtues inherent in M McAuley’s character, I should say that sincerity held first place.

M Paul Xavier Warde

March 14

Tenderness is a quality of nobility, a mark of sensitivity; it is the signature of mercy.

M Silverius Shields

March 13

Show your instructions in your actions as much as you can.

Catherine McAuley

March 12

The followers of Catherine...were impelled by the gift of dynamic zeal from the Holy Spirit and the gentle enlightenment…of Christ, the Divine Light.

M Hermenia Muldrey

March 11

Take what He will from us, He still leaves His holy peace.

Catherine McAuley

March 10

Our foundress…always did what the circumstances of each place required in order to bring mercy to the poor.

M Austin Carroll

March 09

She asserted the value of prayer and contemplation, and the importance of a profound inner life, while insisting at the same time that in service of God's people, works unite us to

Joanna Regan and Isabelle Keiss