Catherine McAuley
August 10

You must be cheerful and happy, animating all around you.

Catherine McAuley

August 09

The sun never, I believe, went down on our anger.

Catherine McAuley

August 08

How silently and brilliantly the lamp in the sanctuary burns ... when the oil is pure and good; it is only when it is otherwise that it twinkles and makes noise.

Catherine McAuley

August 07

We find in her an amazing act of daring: she made her first foundation with only one professed Sister and a novice! Surely a tiny mustard seed!

Carmel Bourke

August 06

For Catherine, the cross was a dimensional reality that she was able to name, and even at times welcome.

Marianne Hieb

August 05

The Lord is master of his own gifts.

M Cecilia Maher

August 04

For Catherine, Mercy in the form of a compassionate practical response to need was where she believed she was called by God.

Brenda Dolphin

August 03

Catherine seems to have been enlarging our heart space, readying us to embrace in mutual affection our multi-cultural sisterhood.

Mary Trainer

August 02

Reflected faith experiences and shared concerns deepen our sense of commitment to the mission of mercy in whatever way God calls us.

M Carmela Cabactulan

August 01

Sadness lessens the value of works performed in God’s name, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Catherine McAuley

July 31

We savour the stories of the founding women…to search for imagine how their creativity and courage might open the future to us.

Deb Manasse

July 30

When we grow old we will walk in the garden and laugh at the hardships of today.

M Agatha Murphy

July 29

We must bear all and work while we are young…

M Agatha Murphy

July 28

We should praise and bless the hand that wounds us.

Catherine McAuley

July 27

We have to make decisions Catherine never faced but for which she has empowered us.

M Celeste Rouleau

July 26

Our ministry is God’s word in action.

Marcia Wilson

July 25

She always remembered that if there were ten thousand rules to be observed, the greatest of these is charity.

Mary Austin Carroll