Patricia Ryan
December 15

We are just beginning to discover the inward merciful path.

Patricia Ryan

December 14

To the younger children, Catherine was a ‘story book lady’ of wonderful reality.

M Bertrand Degnan

December 13

It is my hope and prayer that after the period of darkness and winter has accomplished its purpose, we shall see the bright promise of another spring.

M Concilia Moran

December 12

It began with 2, Sister Doyle and I.

Catherine McAuley

December 11

Catherine "loved all and sought to do good to all, but the poor and little children were her especial favourites."

M Clare Moore

December 10

The charisma of Catherine is alive and vital in the lives of all who share our commitment.

M Christopher O’Rourke

December 09

The Lord and Master of our House and Home is a faithful provider.

Catherine McAuley

December 08

May God bless and animate you with his own divine Spirit.

Catherine McAuley

December 07

The blessing of unity still dwells among us .... This is the spirit of the order - the true spirit of mercy flowing on us.

Catherine McAuley

December 06

How can we teach the love of God if our own hearts are cold?

Catherine McAuley

December 05

Your conversation should always be simple and useful.

Catherine McAuley

December 04

One legacy to all – union, charity, peace, wondrous happiness.

M Bertrand Degnan

December 03

I feel very, very happy... I am going with courage – prepared to meet everything, with my entire confidence in God.

M C Xavier Maguire

December 02

I give myself into the arms of God’s loving providence.

M Cecilia Maher

December 01

Without the cross, the real crown cannot come.

Catherine McAuley

November 30

Catherine was a woman of steadfast faith, unwavering hope, and boundless love.

Angela Bolster

November 29

If we may experience a helplessness in confronting injustices we may know something of what it is to be poor.

Veronica Green