M Florence Sullivan
July 22

Ministers of suffering are delightfully different people…with a vision of Heaven in their hearts and in their eyes.

M Florence Sullivan

July 21

Catherine stands there, midway between vulnerability and possibility.

Jan Geason

July 20

All goes well when you can work together in harmony.

M Patricia O’Neill

July 19

Speak as your mind directs and always act with more courage when the "mammon of unrighteousness" is in question.

Catherine McAuley

July 18

She thought the world would be a happy place if people’s manners were as good as their hearts.

Mary Austin Carroll

July 17

To be truly merciful, we must sometimes become defenceless, powerless, like the poor we serve.

M Carmel Bourke

July 16

To instruct is an easy matter, but to educate requires ingenuity, energy and perseverance without end.

M Frances Warde

July 15

Catherine’s acute awareness of contemporary needs made her a catalyst in an uncaring society.

Angela Bolster

July 14

The circle of mercy is timeless, it is Spirit of Life itself.

Jeannette Goglia

July 13

Try to meet all with peace and ease.

Catherine McAuley

July 12

The constant interchange of prayer and service nourish one another.

Mary Daly

July 11

Without passion nothing happens. Without compassion, the wrong things happen.

Jan Eliason

July 10

That the mercy vision within the broader Christian context has survived for 160 years says something to me of its universality.

Jan Geason

July 09

Mother Catherine's insistence on and provision of good education for girls, middle-class as well as poor children, was a direct challenge to the injustices of her time.

Angela Bolster

July 08

The task of prophets is, in Catherine’s words, to speak what their mind/heart direct and act courageously.

Helen Marie Burns

July 07

Every Mercy Sister would do well to remember what impelled our first missionaries to cast the fire for the first kindling and made the Sisters "mobilise" their efforts to "give God

Dolores Liptak

July 06

God knows I would rather be cold and hungry than the poor in Kingstown or elsewhere should be deprived of any consolation in our power to afford.

Catherine McAuley