Angela Bolster
July 09

Mother Catherine's insistence on and provision of good education for girls, middle-class as well as poor children, was a direct challenge to the injustices of her time.

Angela Bolster

June 22

The journey itself is the place of redemption and revelation.

Helen Marie Burns

June 21

Catherine’s instructions were the fruit of prayer, to which she had recourse in every difficulty.

M Vincent Harnett

June 20

Catherine’s dream did find fulfilment within the boundaries of religious life…but of a new style.

Dorothy Campion

June 19

Catherine’s spirit of mercy ... made her adopt plans for the relief of the poor which to some appeared beyond the limits of prudence.

M Clare Moore

June 18

Pray fervently to God to take all bitterness from me.

Catherine McAuley

June 17

Whatever trials or difficulties Catherine had she never appeared sad or dejected.

M Vincent Harnett

June 16

To be animated by the Spirit of Christ was to manifest all the God-given and humanly sustained liveliness of the true spirit of the order: the spirit of mutual love and service of

Mary Sullivan

June 15

I see how little one can do….and how eager we should be to do that ‘little’ well.

M Ignatius McQuoin

June 14

Love all – in him and for him.

M Cecilia Maher

June 13

Regulations should be uniform, but for the direction of souls, great diversity is necessary.

M Frances Warde

June 12

The adage - "never too old to learn" - is a great comfort to me.

Catherine McAuley

June 11

We ought then have great confidence in God in the discharge of all these offices of Mercy, spiritual and corporal, which constitute the business of our lives, and assure ourselves

Catherine McAuley

June 10

Jesus still waits by our wayside, hidden in the circumstances of our lives.

M Carmel Bourke

June 09

Evening after evening we sallied forth, walking sometimes through the bush, and not leaving a single cottage unvisited.

M Ursula Frayne

June 08

This Institute is in a special manner founded on Calvary, there to serve a crucified Redeemer.

Catherine McAuley

June 07

Catherine’s basic stance in life was a remarkable trust in God’s providence.

Jan Geason