Catherine McAuley
November 26

Be slow to censure, and slower still to condemn.

Catherine McAuley

November 08

In relationships with others, actions speak more loudly than words.

Patricia Pak Poy

November 07

I endeavour to make this cross in some way like to His – by silence.

Catherine McAuley

November 07

We may depend upon it, the blessing of God will never attend any of our undertakings which are conducted in a hurried, impetuous manner.

Catherine McAuley

November 06

The will of God be done in all things.

M Ursula Frayne

November 05

Catherine’s letters sought to knead the spirit of union and charity through the dough of the expanding institute.

M Joanna Regan

November 04

Catherine’s compassionate response was immediate, practical …enabling the poor to help themselves and to find new dignity.

Carmel Bourke

November 03

The order is God’s work – not mine.

"Familiar Instructions"

November 02

Blessed and happy life that makes death so sweet.

Catherine McAuley

November 01

Although I should be simple as a dove I must also be prudent as a serpent.

Catherine McAuley

October 31

Let charity then be our badge of honour ... so that it may truly be said, there is in us but one heart and one soul in God.

Catherine McAuley

October 30

Will you tell the sisters to get a good cup of tea ... when I am gone and to comfort one another - but God will comfort them.

Catherine McAuley

October 29

This is your life, joys and sorrows mingled, one succeeding the other.

Catherine McAuley

October 28

God never refuses His grace to those who ask it.

Catherine McAuley

October 27

While statesmen planned and scholars wrote books about the causes of poverty, Catherine McAuley went into gutter and garret to teach, soothe and shelter.

Kate Madeline Barry

October 25

Shall we all meet in Heaven? Oh What joy even to think of it.

Catherine McAuley

October 24

Let us set our hearts on him who lives forever.

M Cecilia Maher