Madeline Duckett
April 24

Each of us is invited to a banquet of intimacy with our God.

Madeline Duckett

April 07

Catherine enjoyed freedom of spirit in accomplishing the works of mercy. In tune with God ..., she moved forward with works and moved back from them as circumstances dictated.

Mary Daly

April 06

The imagination is one of the most powerful gifts at our disposal.

Madeline Duckett

April 05

How a hundred orphans are to be supported never troubles me. God has always sent means…and is bound to help.

M Austin Carroll

April 04

Catherine preferred to build bridges rather than erect barricades.

Angela Bolster

April 03

Pray that we may realise that we are poor, and for that reason we must love one another.

M Bride Claire

April 02

The strength of Catherine’s courage lay in her closeness to Jesus, in whose footsteps she was walking.

M Carmel Bourke

April 01

There are things the poor prize more highly than gold though they cost the donor nothing: the kind word, the gentle, compassionate look, and the patient hearing of sorrows.

Catherine McAuley

March 31

The Charity of God would not avail us, if His Mercy did not come to our assistance.

Catherine McAuley

March 30

We belong to God. All in us is his.

'Familiar Instructions'

March 29

If we desire to be truly merciful like Jesus, we must expect to suffer as he did.

M Carmel Bourke

March 28

Prayer must come from God….we must beg it continually.

Catherine McAuley

March 27

Catherine’s spiritual vision put no blame upon human instruments for the pain, sufferings and deprivation that entered her life.

M Joanna Regan

March 26

Catherine's desire to resemble our Blessed Lord ... was her daily resolution, and the lesson she constantly repeated.

M Clare Moore

March 25

We should implore the assistance of the Blessed Virgin in all our duties.

Catherine McAuley

March 24

The outstanding feature of Catherine McAuley's behaviour precisely as a founder was not that she was outstanding, though she was. Rather it was her animation of the zeal of her com

Mary Sullivan

March 23

Pray for me that I may be able to render a faithful account of my stewardship.

M Ignatius McQuoin