Catherine McAuley
August 18

They shall be willing on all occasions to help and assist one another, bearing with patience and charity each other's defects, weaknesses, and imperfections.

Catherine McAuley

August 01

Sadness lessens the value of works performed in God’s name, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Catherine McAuley

July 31

We savour the stories of the founding women…to search for imagine how their creativity and courage might open the future to us.

Deb Manasse

July 30

When we grow old we will walk in the garden and laugh at the hardships of today.

M Agatha Murphy

July 29

We must bear all and work while we are young…

M Agatha Murphy

July 28

We should praise and bless the hand that wounds us.

Catherine McAuley

July 27

We have to make decisions Catherine never faced but for which she has empowered us.

M Celeste Rouleau

July 26

Our ministry is God’s word in action.

Marcia Wilson

July 25

She always remembered that if there were ten thousand rules to be observed, the greatest of these is charity.

Mary Austin Carroll

July 24

We rest at ease in the arms of a kind providence.

M Paula Ennis

July 23

Catherine has been drawing her far-flung Mercy family home – home to the original source of inspiration and home to one another.

Mary Trainer

July 22

Ministers of suffering are delightfully different people…with a vision of Heaven in their hearts and in their eyes.

M Florence Sullivan

July 21

Catherine stands there, midway between vulnerability and possibility.

Jan Geason

July 20

All goes well when you can work together in harmony.

M Patricia O’Neill

July 19

Speak as your mind directs and always act with more courage when the "mammon of unrighteousness" is in question.

Catherine McAuley

July 18

She thought the world would be a happy place if people’s manners were as good as their hearts.

Mary Austin Carroll

July 17

To be truly merciful, we must sometimes become defenceless, powerless, like the poor we serve.

M Carmel Bourke