Dorothy Kline
May 21

Help me to be quick to see and ready to encourage whatever brings the laughter of God into an otherwise uninspired day.

Dorothy Kline

May 03

Connect the rich to the poor, the healthy to the sick…to do the work of God.

M Joanna Regan

May 02

Catherine animated others at centres of wealth, power and influence to share in her heroic efforts.

M Joanna Regan

May 01

Our mutual respect and charity is to be 'cordial' - now 'cordial' signifies something that revives, invigorates, and warms.

Catherine McAuley

April 30

May the Holy Spirit take possession of your heart and lead you to complete union.

Patricia O'Neill

April 29

Sometimes it was hard, but I had no regrets; God always helped.

M Zita Gilbert

April 28

The natural talent for leadership with which God had gifted Catherine was enhanced by her feminine qualities of mind and heart which drew young people to her.

Carmel Bourke

April 27

The more questions asked, the more doubts avoided.

M Frances Warde

April 26

May we have grace to turn our trials to advantage.

M Catherine Maher

April 25

God’s work is the only thing worth thinking of in this life.

M Vincent Whitty

April 24

Each of us is invited to a banquet of intimacy with our God.

Madeline Duckett

April 23

Catherine's loving and simple trust in God was the mainspring of all her decisions and actions. From it she derived her deep peace of heart and her serenity, and such daring courag

Carmel Bourke

April 22

We may address God as we would a dear friend to whom we owed a great deal.

Catherine McAuley

April 21

One puts up with fatigue for God’s glory.

M Cecilia Maher

April 20

Catherine McAuley's virtue of confidence in God is a fundamental principle of her apostolic spirituality - her simple, unswerving trust in the abiding providence of God.

Carmel Bourke

April 19

Disengage your heart if it is entangled.

Catherine McAuley

April 18

Keep patience ever at your side, you’ll want it for a constant guide.

Catherine McAuley