Jan Geason
October 17

Of the sisters in the Crimea it was recorded that ‘they did more than medicine’. To do more than medicine is still a challenge.

Jan Geason

September 14

We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us.

Catherine McAuley

September 13

Recognising that one could give handouts week after week….Catherine used her inheritance to offset the causes of poverty, sickness and ignorance.

M Joanna Regan

September 12

I bless and praise our good God who has so favoured me.

M Vincent Haire

September 11

It matters little what our talents are; some have one, others five, the only thing is whether we have faithfully traded.

M Patricia O’Neill

September 10

Catherine somehow understood that most poor were not responsible for their own misery.

Joanna Regan

September 09

Sometimes a zephyr, sometimes a mighty gale – God’s spirit can nudge our timid choices, strengthen our frail resolve, reverse any misdirected course.

Doris Gottemoeller

September 08

We should have the most tender devotion to the blessed Mother of our Redeemer.

Catherine McAuley

September 07

The progress of a society is tied to its ability to hope.

Helen Amos

September 06

Being poor and living with the poor, Catherine was not merely a kind benefactor, but a friend.

M Carmel Bourke

September 05

It is better to relieve a hundred imposters if there be such, than to suffer one really distressed person to be sent away empty.

Mary de Chantal McCann

September 04

We must begin to recognise the involvement of God in our human community and culture.

Marie Chin

September 03

It is God’s will that everyone called to his service should be happy.

Catherine McAuley

September 02

We are your voice to speak consoling words to those in need.

Suzanne Toolan

September 01

Let us take one day only in hands at a time, merely making a resolve for tomorrow. Thus we may hope to get on - taking short careful steps, not great strides.

Catherine McAuley

August 31

…we are called through love to draw one another into being, patiently, gently, constantly – as God draws us.

Helen Marie Burns

August 30

The union which exists among you will draw the favour and blessing of Heaven.

Catherine McAuley