Angela Bolster
November 30

Catherine was a woman of steadfast faith, unwavering hope, and boundless love.

Angela Bolster

October 28

God never refuses His grace to those who ask it.

Catherine McAuley

October 27

While statesmen planned and scholars wrote books about the causes of poverty, Catherine McAuley went into gutter and garret to teach, soothe and shelter.

Kate Madeline Barry

October 25

Shall we all meet in Heaven? Oh What joy even to think of it.

Catherine McAuley

October 24

Let us set our hearts on him who lives forever.

M Cecilia Maher

October 23

May God’s will be ever adored and blessed.

M Cecilia Maher

October 22

No virtue is perfect without prudence.

Catherine McAuley

October 21

For Catherine, holiness was bound up with the works of mercy.

M Joanna Regan

October 19

Catherine told us “…not only to obey the will of God, but to love it with our whole heart."

M Vincent Harnett

October 18

Close to God, all is peace and contentment.

M Frances Warde

October 17

Of the sisters in the Crimea it was recorded that ‘they did more than medicine’. To do more than medicine is still a challenge.

Jan Geason

October 16

Compassion….the flame of mercy. Compassion enkindles the flame of mercy.

Lucille Ciafre

October 15

What advantage are works to God? But our working hearts He longs for, and He vouchsafes to plead for them with touching earnestness.

Catherine McAuley

October 14

There is nothing of greater importance than the perfect discharge of our ordinary duties.

Catherine McAuley

October 13

Prayer will do more towards [our difficulties] than all the money in the Bank of Ireland!

Catherine McAuley

October 12

Your love calls to us…in every pebble, rock and hill - to sing of your mercy and justice.

Rosaleen Hogan

October 11

Catherine was an ardent peace-maker – an ecumenical person in a period of bigotry.

M Florence Sullivan