Catherine McAuley
August 18

They shall be willing on all occasions to help and assist one another, bearing with patience and charity each other's defects, weaknesses, and imperfections.

Catherine McAuley

June 30

One question proposed with simplicity is often the occasion of many instructions.

M Frances Warde

June 29

Catherine was energised by friendship, that choicest of all human gifts.

M Joanna Regan

June 28

Heaven’s the prize, so why should one be anxious? God’s eyes are ever towards us.

Natalie de Souza

June 27

Confidence in God causes us to hope for everything from His paternal goodness.

'Familiar Instructions'

June 26

It is well for us that God is all-merciful.

M Cecilia Maher

June 25

The matter which causes the greatest interior upheaval is the very thing which, if properly used, will bring you nearer to God.

M Patricia O’Neill

June 24

Never let anything cause you trouble or anxiety which is not an offence against God.

Catherine McAuley

June 23

May God bless and protect you and make you the instrument of His glory.

Catherine McAuley

June 22

The journey itself is the place of redemption and revelation.

Helen Marie Burns

June 21

Catherine’s instructions were the fruit of prayer, to which she had recourse in every difficulty.

M Vincent Harnett

June 20

Catherine’s dream did find fulfilment within the boundaries of religious life…but of a new style.

Dorothy Campion

June 19

Catherine’s spirit of mercy ... made her adopt plans for the relief of the poor which to some appeared beyond the limits of prudence.

M Clare Moore

June 18

Pray fervently to God to take all bitterness from me.

Catherine McAuley

June 17

Whatever trials or difficulties Catherine had she never appeared sad or dejected.

M Vincent Harnett

June 16

To be animated by the Spirit of Christ was to manifest all the God-given and humanly sustained liveliness of the true spirit of the order: the spirit of mutual love and service of

Mary Sullivan

June 15

I see how little one can do….and how eager we should be to do that ‘little’ well.

M Ignatius McQuoin