M Carmel Bourke
April 12

Catherine "took to heart the people and places where she served."

M Carmel Bourke

February 07

The rescue of a newly-born infant during the epidemic is an example of Catherine’s response in love to a perceived need.

Angela Bolster

February 06

Our sense of having been chosen for the works of liberation…is rich and dynamic.

Sheila Carney

February 05

Life is very short! What folly, then, to waste any of its precious hours on trifles.

M Austin Carroll

February 04

We should labour all day like the poor, and have our rest and recreation after our work was finished.

Catherine McAuley

February 03

Catherine’s spirituality was centred on the mercy of God…prayer in action…action in prayer.

Angela Bolster

February 02

She used to conclude that we are much better able to endure hardships in God's service than we usually imagine.

M Clare Moore

February 01

Every place has its own particular ideas and feelings which must be yielded to when possible.

Catherine McAuley

January 31

Mercy is understood as a gratuitous process of giving and forgiving.

Helen Marie Burns

January 30

See how quietly the great God does all His mighty works. Darkness is spread over us at night and light returns in the morning, and there is no noise of closing shutters or drawing

Catherine McAuley

January 29

We will endeavour to make Christ the only return He demands of us - by giving Him our whole heart - fashioned on His own model.

Catherine McAuley

January 28

It is in silence, and in listening to the silence, that we begin to get insight into the questions.

Dervilla Byrne

January 27

God grant that we may never have to refuse the poor…that I could never do.

M Austin Carroll

January 26

I would like to tell you all the little cheering things that God permits to fall in our way.

Catherine McAuley

January 25

Be careful never to make too many laws. If you draw the string too tight, it will break.

Catherine McAuley

January 24

The garment that Catherine wore, that she handed on to us, is the mantle of justice.

Sheila Carney

January 23

Since there is very little good can be accomplished, or evil avoided, without the aid of money, we must look after it in small as well as in great matters.

Catherine McAuley