In God Alone

Many words have been written to tell Catherine’s story, but only two films have been produced. ‘The Circle of Mercy’, viewed by many— if not most— members of the Mercy Family, was made for the opening of Mercy International Centre in 1994. How fitting it is that in this, the Silver Jubilee Year of the Opening of the Centre, we have available to the Mercy Family and the general public a new version of Catherine’s life, ‘In God Alone’.

‘My God, I am yours for time and eternity’. These heartfelt words of commitment from Catherine’s Suscipe greet us on screen as Catherine herself opens the film and narrates her story. We meet Catherine as a child, as a young woman, as companion to Mrs Callaghan and as the heiress, before encountering Catherine at Baggot Street - the Educator, the Carer of Persons who are Poor, the Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy.

‘The Works of Mercy now wrap around the world like a cloak and the House we built still stands’ (Script)

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For those persons who are unfamiliar with Catherine’s life story and looking for background reading, the highlights of her life can be explored through a modified version of the chronology compiled by Mary C. Sullivan rsm (Americas). For those wishing to explore Catherine’s story and the founding of the Sisters of Mercy further, here is a good place to start.

‘My vision had been for lay people to take up caring for those in need and today the ministry is so much more, a fruitful collaboration between the Sisters of Mercy and hundreds of thousands of lay women and men. We serve together.’ (Script)

The work of Mercy International Association today under two, often intersecting, theme areas: degradation of Earth and displacement of Persons, is deeply rooted in the Gospel and the legacy of Catherine McAuley.

Mercy International Association is committed to addressing these identified forms of injustice as we work ‘toward the creation of a Mercy Global Presence. Keep visiting our website and read our weekly newsletter to discover how we ‘strive for the globalization of compassion and the recognition of God’s mercy as present and active in our world’ (MIA Vision).

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[God] knows I would rather be cold and hungry than the poor in Kingston or elsewhere should be deprived of any consolation in our power to afford. Letter to Teresa White November 1, 1838