The Mercy Justice Advocacy Approach

The Mercy Justice Advocacy Approach is a framework used by the global Mercy community to guide advocacy efforts. The Approach is grounded in the values of the Sisters of Mercy, which include compassion, justice, and respect for the inherent dignity of people and earth.

In the diagram to the right, a Mercy Justice Advocacy Approach can be viewed. Underpinned by Mercy values and tradition, human rights, critical feminism, Catholic social teaching, reflection and prayer, and active participation, it has proved to be a vital tool for Mercy Global Action. As it addresses systemic change at local and international level, it reflects a core directive of the MIA Strategic Plan. This Advocacy Approach is also complementary to the four-staged MIRP.

From Sparks to Fire: A Guide to Justice Advocacy for the Mercy World"

"From Sparks to Fire: A Guide to Justice Advocacy for the Global Mercy Community" offers both practical and theoretical ways in which to advocate for justice, providing numerous examples of advocacy from across the Mercy world, offering much wisdom and insight and illustrating that the Gospel call to justice is actively present across the Mercy World. The guide invites the reader to reflect on their own advocacy efforts through a series of reflective questions. This means that it is not a document that requires passive reading, but rather one that engages and stimulates thinking and action. This guide is aimed at professionals, students, teachers, leaders and anyone looking to engage in advocacy that’s underpinned by the Mercy values of solidarity, dignity and hope. Whether you read the Guide through or dip in and out as needed, we hope it will be a faithful companion on your journey.

What is in "From Sparks to Fire"? How do you use the guide? Why is it important to share with your ministries and communities? The Mercy Global Action team has prepared a video to introduce you to "From Sparks to Fire" and to help you explore and share the document.
Check out the breakdown of each section of "From Sparks to Fire" on the Mercy Global Action Instagram and Facebook accounts - @MIAGlobalAction.
Read "From Sparks to Fire: A Guide to Justice Advocacy for the Global Mercy Community" Lea "De chispas al fuego: Una guía para la defensa de la justicia para la comunidad mundial de la Misericordia"

Head of MGA Delivers Keynote

Students Learn about Mercy Justice Advocacy

Angela Reed rsm, Head of Global Action, gave a keynote address on the theme of the pilgrimage 'Mercy begins with Me'. She addressed 6 questions in her talk: What is the experience for Earth and people? Who am I and where do I place myself in this ever evolving world? What tools do I have for advocacy? Whom do I advocate for/with? Who is with me on this justice journey? What action does this justice journey lead me to?

Mercy Priority Justice Issues

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Mercy at the United Nations

Connect with the MGA office at the United Nations for workshops, sessions, & more.

Justice Approach to COVID-19

Mercy has worked for justice and hope throughout the pandemic.

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