MGA Justice Advocacy

Mercy Advocates at the United Nations

Mercy Global Action’s methodology largely reflects a participatory action research (PAR) approach. Understood more as an approach than a method of inquiry PAR has been described as:

“A participatory, democratic process concerned with developing practical knowing in the pursuit of worthwhile human purposes, grounded in a participatory worldview… and bringing together action and reflection, theory and practice, in participation with others in the pursuit of practical solutions to issues of pressing concern to people, and more generally the flourishing of individual persons and communities”.

PAR is considered to have key components:

  • A focus on change
  • Context Specific 
  • Emphasis on Collaboration
  • A cyclical Process
  • Grassroots Participation
  • Liberatory in nature
  • Resulting in collective change
MGA Justice Advocacy

In the diagram to the right, a Mercy Justice Advocacy Approach can be viewed. Underpinned by Mercy values and tradition, human rights, critical feminism, Catholic social teaching, reflection and prayer, and active participation, it has proved to be a vital tool for Mercy Global Action. This Mercy Justice Advocacy Approach has been shared with some Mercy students and volunteers and has been received positively. As it addresses systemic change at local and international level, it reflects a core directive of the MIA Strategic Plan. This Advocacy Approach is also complementary to the four-staged MIRP.

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Head of MGA Delivers Keynote

Students Learn about Mercy Justice Advocacy

Angela Reed rsm, Head of Global Action, gave a keynote address on the theme of the pilgrimage 'Mercy begins with Me'. She addressed 6 questions in her talk: What is the experience for Earth and people? Who am I and where do I place myself in this ever evolving world? What tools do I have for advocacy? Whom do I advocate for/with? Who is with me on this justice journey? What action does this justice journey lead me to?