Catherine McAuley and the Following of Jesus Christ Today

Presentations by Mary C. Sullivan at Baggot Street during Wellsprings 2012.

Catherine McAuley still has very much to say to Sisters of Mercy, especially today, as they commit themselves to the renewal of their personal and communal lives and ministry. She took Jesus' invitation, "Follow me," very seriously. What she tried to be and do as she strove to "resemble Jesus Christ in some one thing at least" speaks to the heart of our Mercy renewal.

Catherine's example, values, instructions, actions, and sufferings offer us encouragement and motivation for conversion, and will be the content that we will explore together during this week-long program ( July 15-20,2012).

Day 1, Session 1. Length: 30: 44

Day 1, Session 2. Length: 55:08

During the Wellsprings programme in July 2012, Mary C Sullivan rsm led the group in a session "Catherine McAuley's Last Illness and Death" in Catherine's room at Baggot Street, drawing on the account of the Death of Jesus in John's Gospel ( Jn:19:17-18;23-30) and on three early letters: Catherine McAuley, Sept. 26, 1841; Elizabeth Moore, Nov. 21, 1841 and Mary Vincent Whitty, Nov. 11, 1841.

The session is presented for your reflection in the two video clips linked to this item.

Day 5, Catherine McAuley's Room, Session 1. Length: 39:31

Day 5, Catherine McAuley's Room, Session 2. Length: 34:17