2013 - Contemplating Catherine...a Soul Journey

Watering the Roots at the Wellspring of Mercy, June 16-21, 2013. Overview of the Week Three programme. Presenter: Madeline Duckett rsm (ISMAPNG).

How do we ‘sense’ another’s soul and what moves her to do what she does? Perhaps it can be known in some small way when something of another’s life, vision, motivation and legacy stir us deeply. In this week we will explore and contemplate together aspects of Catherine’s life, vision and the legacy she left. We will seek to ‘sense the soul’ of Catherine within the facts of her story. In this we may know again the deeper roots of our own Mercy hearts. We will draw upon imagination, creativity, lived prayer and experience to plunge deeply into the Wellspring of Mercy and be nourished at the source.

 There are 9 videos and a number of documents that comprise this online resource.

The Beginnings

Length: 8:30

Focus Questions for Reflection
The Shaping of Soul

Length: 24:41

At Coolock House – a Dream Surfaces

Length: 9:39

A Reflection on Catherine
Coolock House - Catherine's Room

Length: 4:07

Loss and Death – The Cross as Anchor

Length: 14:21

The larger context of the Foundations

Length: 21:04

Stimilus Material Reflection by Margaret Adams rsm (ISMAPNG)
Foundation stories – Part 1

Length: 24:12

Foundation stories – Part 2

Length: 30:00

Daughters of the second wave

Length: 34:39

Reflection by Julia Upton rsm (Americas)