2013 - Religious Life: A Deep-down Impulse to Care and Make Creation Whole

Watering the Roots at the Wellspring of Mercy, June 2-7, 2013. Overview of the Week Three programme. Presenter: Marie Chin rsm (Americas)

Human beings make sense of their lives by telling stories. We will explore religious life in light of the current global reality of our unfolding contemporary story.

All over the world there are women and men who, touched by their encounter with God, yearn to respond to a deep-down impulse, a call, to find the intersection between an old and new story. This call impels them to live fully in this place of intersection in order to recover the meeting place of their own deep impulse to care and the world’s deep hunger. Religious life searches for and finds God in these dangerous meeting places and has the possibility of telling a profoundly new story. Religious vows can be experienced as the elegant choices we make daily for the sacred task of doing the transformative work necessary to bring healing and wholeness to our world.

There are 8 videos and a number of documents that comprise this online resource

Introduction to Religious Life (Part One). Length: 24:09

Introduction to Religious Life (Part Two). Length: 23.37

Download Reading1, Reflection and Process for Day 1 (PDF) Download Reading 11 (PDF)

Religious Life: The Vows. Setting the Context. Length: 31:24

Religious Life: The Vows. Poverty. Length: 21.01

Download Reading on the Vow of Poverty PDF

Religious Life: The Vows. Chastity. Length: 26.08

Religious Life: The Vows. Obedience. Length: 20.49

Download Reading on Vow of Obedience (PDF)

Religious Life: The Vows. Service. Length: 37.04

Conclusion. Length: 6.23

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