A Ceremony of Mercy Remembrance

Angel overlooking Catherine's tomb

This remembrance prayer, composed by Mary Wickham rsm in 2019 for ISMAPNG and now adapted for general Mercy use, is in two parts: Remembering Our Companions (Part One) and The life and Death of Catherine McAuley (Part Two).

'We gather to remember and honour the lives of our Sisters in Mercy, especially those who have died in the past year. We gather to reflect on the life of Catherine McAuley, woman of mercy, the anniversary of whose death falls on November 11th.

We gather in gratitude and loss, fondness and hope, and stand with our departed companions and all our loved ones under the cloak of God’s mercy, a cloak which embraces and brings all of us into the shelter and warmth of the Trinity.'

Download the Remembrance prayer (A4) Download the Remembrance prayer (US Letter)

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