A Conversation with Mary C. Sullivan rsm

In a wide-ranging conversation recorded on 27 September 2011, Mary C Sullivan freely shared her insights and reflections from her own deep study and lived experience of Catherine McAuley. The conversation was filmed by Marie Stuart rsm (The Congregation) in the Callaghan Room at Baggot Street. The interviewers were Anne Walsh and Adele Howard rsm (ISMAPNG). The conversation has been edited into two parts.

*Part A: focusses on Mary Sullivan's research and writing about Catherine McAuley (video length 20:12).*

Writings about Catherine McAuley - 00:00
Biography: The Path of Mercy - 04:12
Cover Portrait of Catherine McAuley - 06:51
Audiences for The Path of Mercy - 08:14
Using Primary Sources -14:35

A number of articles and video presentations by Sr Mary can be found here in the Library, while a list of her print publications can be found in the Bibliography. These include her articles in issues of the MAST (Mercy Association in Scripture and Theology) journal.

Part B: focusses on Catherine the woman and the Order of Mercy she founded (video length 29:33).

Catherine the Woman: 00:00
Rediscovering Catherine McAuley: 03:15
Founding the Sisters of Mercy: 08:15
The Mercifulness of God: 11:25
Sainthood: 16:37
Mercy International Association: 23:30