Mercy International Reflection Process Guide Book

A Guide for using the Process and the themes of Laudato Si', On Care for Our Common Home.

Adele Howard rsm, Editor

Mercy International Association offers this action/reflection process (MIRP) in response to the despair and suffering of many displaced people and to the increasing degradation of the environment. These are the challenges and the call of our time.

1. Background to the MIRProcess
2. Asia Pacific Regional Meeting
3. Emerging Issues
4. Theme of the Process
5. A Prayer for Our Earth
6. The MIRProcess
7. Background for Preparation of MIRP Group Leaders
8. Forming of Groups
9. Process Stage: Story/Experience
10. Process Stage 2: Broader Context
11. Process Stage 3: Wisdom/Tradition
12. Process Stage 4: Action
13. Ritual and celebration
14. Background dynamic of the Process
15. The Logo from MIRP to Mercy Global Presence
16. Mercy Global Presence: 
A new vision
17. From what has been discovered to what has been revealed
18. Listening to the voices: what has been revealed?
19. The future beckoning
20. Resources
21. Thank you