Claim it
Precious dear legacy
For the women
For us women
For me.
God’s dream for the world.

Labyrinth it
Comfort and safe sanctuary
They are there
All are there
I am there.
Right there in the center at the heart.

Hear it
Silent scream in god’s heart
At the center
Moving inward
Then returning
I can’t help myself – and we long mercy for you.

Pray it
Truth and real and love
At the heart
Focus us
Focus me.
As we glance around world and earth.

Be it
In reality demythologized un-romanticized
For indigenous
And middle class and and and
And just for ALL the Souls
Cause of struggled-for but universal solidarity.

Reveal and celebrate it
Sanctuary for you and for me
Todos presente
For all of us together

The real and true church of Jesus.
And we know because... it was this way from the beginning!

Anne Connolly rsm
Mid-Atlantic Americas in Bolivia