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Here are some more recent and new releases you might look out for, on the big screen or on dvd or to purchase online, all of which look to be good viewing. The movie websites are worth exploring for a synopsis of the movie and for additional resources.

Poverty, Inc

''A challenging exploration and critique of the global aid industry and the complexities of ending poverty.'

POVERTY, INC. | Official Trailer from POVERTY, INC. | The Movie on Vimeo.


Polyfaces: A World of Many Choices

'Polyfaces' reveals how the Salatin family and their team in the Shenendoah Valley in Northern Virginia,are healing the land, regenerating the local
economy, inspiring people all around the world, and feeding 5,000 families ethically produced, nutrient dense foods.    

Trailer (09:38) Trailer (short) Website. Purchase. Screenings

Polyfaces English from RegrariansMedia on Vimeo.

Plant this Movie

Plant This Movie documents the rise and rise of international urban agriculture. From vacant lots, to rooftops to front yards, the place for food in our
cities is changing, and Plant This Movie shows why.

Website. Rent or Purchase

Plant This Movie Trailer from Emily von W. Gilbert on Vimeo.

Can You Dig This

''Finley’s neighborhood has only four grocery stores within two miles, which are far far far outnumbered by liquor stores and fast food restaurants.
With so few options for healthy food, it takes revolutionaries to bring change.'

CAN YOU DIG THIS - TRAILER from Delirio Films on Vimeo.

Watch the TED talk


An international community of scientists give us their take on the anthropocene, showing us today’s ecological and climatic changes from a new
and deeply thought-provoking perspective. What will we do now that we know we are the new weather-makers?

Website. Screenings

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