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Bibliography of Books and Articles

The following is an attempt to list all the published books, articles and multimedia productions by or about the Sisters of Mercy since the founding of the Congregation in 1831.

01 Jun 2023

U.S. Trafficking in Persons Report 2023

"This year’s Trafficking in Persons Report provides a comprehensive overview of the state of human...

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MGA's Written Submission to the UN 2023 Water Conference

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Mercy Water Toolkit 2023

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Breaking Boundaries: A Mercy Response to People on the Move

13 Jul 2023

MGA Leadership Fellows Group Two Research Presentations

View MGA Emerging Leaders Fellows Research Presentations

01 Oct 2023

From Sparks to Fire: A Guide to Justice Advocacy for the Global Mercy Community

From Sparks to Fire: A Guide to Justice Advocacy for the Global Mercy Community

24 Jul 2023

UN Secretary-General Report on Homelessness

United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres' Landmark 2023 Report on Homelessness

17 Feb 2021

Roaming during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Carmen Rosa Ccallomamani rsm's MELF Research Pr...

A case study focused on the testimony of five Peruvians stranded in the United States during the...

17 Feb 2021

Itinerancia en la Pandemia del COVID-19: Carmen Rosa Ccallomamani rsm's MELF Research...

Esta investigación es un estudio de caso centrado en el testimonio de cinco peruanos varados en...

17 Feb 2021

In Search of Our Stories: Julia Morisi's MELF Research Project

Retelling and Reclaiming Women's Leadership in Religious Tradition

17 Feb 2021

Photosynthetic Visions: Anastasia Freeman's MELF Research Project

Investigating the climate emergency, plant neurobiology and eco-art therapy techniques to encourage...

17 Feb 2021

Where is Home and How Do We Get There? Amy Keller's MELF Research Project

By looking at the Omaha refugee experience through their responses to the prompt “Home is…” and...