Scholasticah Nganda RSM

Videos to assist with Stage Three of the International Reflection Process: Engaging with the Wisdom of the Tradition

Short Biography

A Kenyan woman by birth, Scholasticah Nganda RSM went to school with the Sisters of Mercy in Kenya, taught with the Mercies in their school (Makueni Girls' Secondary-Kenya) and later joined the Congregation of Sisters of Mercy (Ireland).

Scholasticah is a member of the Congregational Leadership Team (Ireland).

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Video of full Interview with Scholasticah Nganda RSM (40:58)
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1. The Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor 00:00
2. Areas of Concern - Homelessness 05:44
3. Reflections and Hopes - Our Common Home 25:37
4. Reflections and Hopes 31:40