VIDEO RESOURCES for Stage One of the Reflection Process

The short Video clips listed on this page are offered for use in contextualising the process when the group first gathers. The list includes reflections and songs. Some of these were included in the Further Resources section of Mercy eNews in 2015 during the preparation period for undertaking the International Reflection process; others are included in the Resources page on this MIRP site; the rest are new additions. For ease of access they have been collected here.

To play a video, click anywhere on its thumbnail (image). To help with your session planning, the length of each video is shown next to its title. All are under 10 minutes in length.
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 Canticle of Creation (02:30)
 Prayer of St Francis
Laudato Si' (06:18)
Vatican reflection
Texts appear first in Italian
then in English

Prayer for the Earth (03:43)
Musical Arrangement
of the prayer from Laudato Si'


 Visual meditation on LS (04:43)
Prayer for the Earth (01:45)
Video reflection

  LS: Appeal for Action (03:27)
 A call to the Australian Catholic community


A Letter to the Future (04:25)
A grandfather writes to
his grandson

 Love Song to the Earth (03:47)
 Michelle Sherliza op

Love Song to the Earth (04:21)
OFFICIAL version


Home - Global Goals (02:31)
Promotion for the UN Global Goals
for Sustainable Development
From Earth to Paris (01:29)
Message for COP21

Pale Blue Dot:
Carl Sagan (07:22)

'Look again at that dot.
That's here. That's home.
That's us...'





Planetary (04:32)
Inhabit (03:33)

Connected (02:57)
'Teaser' Trailer
Film can be viewed here (42:10)




'Wise Enough'  (05:20)
Official movie video
Song by Lamb used in film 'Connected'
Top 5 Poorest countries in the World
Video a UN reference listing (02:57)

Beautiful World (06:27)
Song by Eliza Gilkyson
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Call to Earth - (08:04)
A Message from the World's Astronauts
to COP21

Dear Future Generations (06:02)
Sorry: An Apology Letter
to Future Generations

Man V Earth (05:43)


Spiritual Ecology(04:58)
The Cry of the Earth
Book Trailer
Spiritual Ecology website
Fragile Waters (03:35)
Documentary Film
Official Trailer

Words of Wilderness



Is Earth Past the
Tipping Point (03:16)

Creation (01:24)
Trailer for the series

What is Nature Worth (03:15)



A Simple Love Poem (01:50)
Shakespeare’s Sonnet
number 18 brought to life
in a celebration of the world
around us.

For the love of.. (02:24)
'Because the things we love
might be changed forever by
climate change'

I Wish For You (05:09)
Short Film

Don't lose what you love
to climate change



 Our Future (03:37)
 Narrated by Morgan Freeman
'Dear Matafele Peinem' (03:11)
UN Climate Summit Poem

Pope Francis Encyclical (01:14)
  - Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga


Pope Francis addressing US Congress (03:02)
On climate change,
income inequality
September 2015

The Pope's Call to Mobilize (02:19)
October 2015
The Pope Video 2
Care for creation (01:25)
February 2016