WGG Recommendations on Girls Included in CSW 53 Agreed Conclusions

The 53rd session of the ECOSOC Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) met in New York City on March 2-13, 2009, to address the “equal sharing of responsibilities between women and men, including care-giving in the context of HIV/AIDS.” The following are the WGG recommendations that are in the Agreed Conclusions:

  • Intensify efforts to fully implement the Beijing Platform for Action (15a);
  • Ensure that men and boys are actively involved in policies and programmes to improve the equal sharing of responsibilities with women and girls in order to promote the human rights of women and the girl child (15i);
  • Take measures to protect and address the needs of women and girls in situations of humanitarian emergencies (15m);
  • Implement national development plans, with the full participation of women and girls, that reduce the feminization of poverty and HIV/AIDS and enhance the capacity of women and girls to meet the negative social and economic impacts of globalization (15n);
  • Provide support for girls affected by HIV/AIDS, including young and adolescent mothers ,and prevent discrimination against those affected by HIV/AIDS (15gg); 
  • Take all necessary measures to address the needs of girls infected with or affected by HIV/ AIDS, especially girls heading households (15kk);
  • Expand accessibility of comprehensive public health services, including community-based services, specifically related to the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS to alleviate the burden on women and girls who provide unpaid care services (15mm); 
  • Ensure the right of all girls, including migrant girls and domestic workers, to education, training, health service, food, shelter and recreation and prevent and eliminate child labor and the economic exploitation of girls (15y);

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