Your Ever Affectionate M.C. McAuley

Excerpts from the letters of a very special woman for your reflection and encouragement.

Track 1 affords a glimpse of the life and times of Catherine McAuley in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Dublin, Ireland.

Tracks 2-11 each consist of a reading of one or more of Catherine's letters, specially chosen for what they reveal about the woman herself. Each letter is preceded by a short contextual introduction which allows us to situate the letter and the people to whom she writes. Following the reading of the letter, a short reflection is offered. This reflection highlights modern day works of Mercy begun by Catherine and continuing worldwide at the present time.

01. Life Story of Catherine McAuley

An Overview

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02. Letter to Sister M. Elizabeth Moore

January 13, 1839 (p.179)

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03. Letter to Sister M. de Sales White

December 20, 1840 (p.332)

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04. Letter to Sister M. Elizabeth Moore

October 18, 1840 (pp. 301-303)

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05. Letters to Sister M. Elizabeth Moore

March 19, 1840 and March 21, 1840 (pp. 258, 259)

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06. Letter to Sister Mary Joseph Joyce

October 7, 1841 (p.448)

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07. Letter to Sister. M Elizabeth Moore

July 27, 1837 (p.89)

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08. Letter to Dr. Thomas Walsh

February 4, 1840 (p.250)

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09. Letters to Frances Warde & Mary de Pazzi Delany

Oct 25,1838 & Nov 15,1838 (pp. 159, 166)

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010. Letter to Sister M. Catherine Meagher

c. November 18, 1840 (p.322)

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011. Letters to Dr. Andrew Fitzgerald, OP

July 1, 1837 and August 8, 1837 (pp. 88, 90)

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The page numbers indicated next to each track refer to The Correspondence of Catherine McAuley 1818-1841. Edited by Mary C. Sullivan, 2004 (Four Courts Press), from which the excerpts are taken. Copyright  © Used with permission

Produced by Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy 2009. Used with permission.