April 07, 2021

7 April: World Health Day

Conscious of our own and others’ health, locally and globally, on this World Health Day let us pray:

for all the sick, and particularly those suffering from COVID-19, to be restored to good health,

for healthcare workers and caregivers, with our gratitude for the comfort and treatment they tirelessly provide to their patients in hospitals and in homes,

for scientists, researchers, medical experts and manufacturers, for inspiration and dedication in developing vaccines, remedies, therapies and medicines for COVID-19 and other diseases,

for citizens of countries in lockdown or covid-safe settings, to remember that their adherence to restrictions and guidelines reduces the risk of transmission of covid-19,

for governments of wealthier countries to share covid-19 vaccines with developing countries which are particularly vulnerable to to the impact of the pandemic.

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Messages to: Berneice Loch rsm - CEO MIA

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