July 18, 2018

Her Heart is with the Homeless

Editor: Year 10 (fourth year) student Hannah Farhall from Damascus College, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, is one of 15 Victorian young people participating in the first year of an innovative new online social enterprise project run by the Western Bulldogs (football team) Foundation. The young people participate in projects that make money in a socially responsible way.

Image: Hannah Farhall. Photo supplied by Damascus College

Hannah, together with two other graduates of the Foundation’s 2017 Leadership Project, Amy and Daen, has created ‘Socks of the West' . This initiative originated from their work in the leadership project where they asked Ballarat locals and businesses for their support in donating goods to make care packages. The resulting 160+ care packs and  1500+ pairs of donated socks were distributed through Ballarat SoupBus .

Approval by the Western Bulldogs Administrative Board to move forward with Socks of the West as their enterprise project, and with the Board's financial sponsorship, has enabled the group to manufacture and design their own socks. For every pair sold they will donate a pair to someone in the community who needs it.

Pre-orders for socks can be made online here

Messages to: Hannah Farhall c/- Sarah Boswell - Leader of School Development

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