October 04, 2010

A Birthday Party for Catherine McAuley

“The mercy we show to others is what assures us that we do not need to worry about being perfect ourselves. All we really need to do is to make the effort to be the best we can be, knowing we will often fail. Then, the mercy of others, the mercy of God is certain for us, as well”

Joan Chittister
God’s Tender Mercy: Reflections on Forgiveness


Wednesday 29 September marked the 232nd year since the birth of Catherine McAuley. Thirty eight students and chaperones from All Hallows’ School in Brisbane Australia celebrated Catherine’s birthday at Mercy International Centre. In prayer and ritual, they reflected on the Mercy of God and prayed for the gifts of peace, compassion, hope, courage, gentleness, and insight as each of them walks the path of mercy.

The cake made by MIC staff member Kathy Higgins rsm (Western Province, Congregation of Sisters of Mercy) was enjoyed by MIC staff and guests from Brisbane Australia.

The students came to Ireland to play a series of hockey and net ball games. Prior to their final games held in Ireland, they spent time touring Mercy International Centre and reflecting on Catherine’s life and how it relates to their own lives as Mercy girls. Their time at MIC culminated with a birthday party for Catherine complete with a birthday cake.

One of the students, Zoe Wynter, will celebrate her 16th birthday on the plane ride returning to Australia. Crossing the date line in-flight, her date of birth evaporates in thin air—leaving Dublin the day before her birth and arriving in Brisbane the day after her birth. Given this inability to celebrate fully her 16th birthday, she was chosen to be the representative to cut and serve Catherine’s birthday cake.

Zoe Wynter from All Hallows’ School in Brisbane Australia cuts the cake marking the 232nd year since Catherine McAuley’s birth.

For more information on All Hallows’ School, see: http://www.allhallows.qld.edu.au/.

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