May 01, 2013

A Journey Undertaken in the light of a Story (MIA)

Over the month of April 2013 almost 60 pilgrims journeyed to Baggot Street to immerse themselves in the historic and modern story of Mercy. Men and women, religious and lay from a variety of ministries: Heath and Aged Care, Education, Pastoral Services, Youth Ministry Ecology and Justice, participated. They came from several cities in Australia, from Papua New Guinea, from Newfoundland and from New Zealand.

Below are some of their reflections on their experience.

Pilgrims: Group 1

...The content of the program, the hospitality at the Mercy International Centre, the passion of the facilitators and presenters, the attention to detail as well as the stimulating company and generosity of spirit of all involved in the group have provided opportunities for us to leave with a far greater understanding and a richer appreciation of the life and work of Catherine and the Sisters, Associates and Mercy Partners throughout history. I believe we have been inspired to return to our ministries with renewed vigour and determination to seek opportunities to spread the word and encourage others to walk in the footsteps of these early women of Mercy. We have indeed been challenged with a great responsibility to continue their work...

-Lesley Schneider, Australia

...We were provided with opportunities to see Catherine’s story from a number of perspectives. Catherine as a child; Catherine as a woman of God; Catherine as a leader; Catherine as a friend; Catherine as an innovator, and in many other wonderful ways. These sessions allowed us to not only feel at home at the Mercy International Centre in Baggot St, but deeply feel and appreciate the core values of the work of Catherine, the Sisters of Mercy and our respective ministries. For this, we are sincerely grateful...

- Tim Edwards, Australia

...My pilgrimage to Baggot Street has given me the opportunity to walk where Catherine has walked, to listen to and read extracts from some of the letters and poems that she had written. To discover a woman, whose leadership and vision encompassed an immense drive and energy, and a dignity and sensitivity for those she cared for and worked with. She had a delightful sense of humour and above all a deep love and compassion for those who did not have the opportunity for justice in their lives – the poor and vulnerable..

- Mary Curran, Aotearoa New Zealand

Pilgrims: Group 2

...with the guidance of facilitators and the sharing of our own stories we made connections between Catherine’s leadership qualities and our contemporary challenge to provide leadership in our own mercy ministries.
Our six day pilgrimage encouraged us in our Mercy ministries , knowing we have the support, strength, and energy of the mercy world, and giving us new hope as we continue our journey together in mercy.

-Rita Janes, Newfoundland

If you are interested in making a pilgrimage with a group to Mercy international Centre, contact: 
Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

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