April 15, 2014

Acknowledging the Generosity of Volunteers at MIC, 1994-2014

Many people have been involved in the formal Volunteer Programme at MIC since its establishment in 1994.  Volunteers have been, and continue to be, of the utmost importance in all aspects of the day-to-day life of Mercy International Centre (as pictured below). We definitely could not survive without their generous support and service. 

A list of the volunteers who have served since the beginning is linked here. We hope it is accurate, but would very much appreciate receiving corrections in addition to a photograph of each person, and your contact details if applicable.  We plan to put a more comprehensive document together for the 20th anniversary in September and so would appreciate receiving additions and amendments .

Following are two reports written by recent volunteers (Anne O'Connell, Maureen & Tom Smyth) as well as a report from Monica Hickey rsm who was a volunteer in 1994:

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In addition to the formal volunteers, there have been and still are a number of Sisters who come regularly to support the work of Mercy International.  These Sisters will also be acknowledged later in the year and we would like to receive details about them.

Volunteers for 2015 are almost finalised, however, a late vacancy has occurred for October – December 2014. Details can be read here

Message to: Sylvia Williams rsm - Assistant Director Finance and Administration

Thumbnail image: Judy Klei rsm (Americas) Polishing the Welcome at Baggot Street (June, 1997)

Image Gallery: Just some of our many Volunteers over the years hard at work

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