August 27, 2019

Additional Resources for the 2019 Season of Creation

We invite you to let us know of new resources for the Season of Creation which you have produced or discovered so that news of these might also be shared through Mercy eNews and on our website during this time. 

Prayer Services

September 1       Creation Day
September  1      1st Sunday in Creation –  Ocean Sunday
September  8     2nd Sunday in Creation – Fauna and Flora Sunday
September 15     3rd Sunday in Creation – Storm Sunday
September 22    4th Sunday in Creation – Cosmos Sunday
September 29    5th Sunday in Creation – Blessings of the Animals
October 6           St Francis of Assisi Day

Season of Creation 2019 Prayer Season of Creation Celebration Guide
Oración por el Tiempo de la Creación 2019 Guía de Celebración del Tiempo de la Creación 2019
Blessing of the Land
Liturgical Resource
A Catholic Season of Creation resource
Reflection Series
5 Reflections, one for each Sunday
Mercy Meatless Mondays

An invitation to consider making Mondays meatless. 

This 18 page booklet provides some information on the imapact of meat production along with recipes for a meatless lunch and dinner dish

Download the booklet here
Video Clips
Source: Sowing Hope for the Planet (UISG)
Source: The Years Project

Messages to: Anne Walsh - Editor

Source: Sisters of Mercy Newfoundland
Download the booklet here (English) Download the booklet here (Spanish)

The Sisters of Mercy Newfoundland have produced a Resource booklet for the Season of Creation. Each week has its own focus - oceans, plants, animals, land and people - under the theme ‘Web of Life’.

The booklet is available here to the members of the Mercy Family for personal or group reflection during and beyond the Season.

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