October 28, 2006

All-Africa Conference: Sister to Sister

Local, US and International Mercy leadership has enabled the All-Africa Conference: Sister to Sister (AACSS) to develop a Spirt-filled process that enables Sisters throughout sub-Saharan Africa to empower one another within the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Participating Sisters identify their realities within the pandemic. They disclose anger, frustration, pain, shame, and much more. They discuss issues at a level of intimacy that requires the trust of a Sister-talking-with-a-Sister. Prayerful time and ritual create an environment of confidentiality that is essential. This spirit- filled context enables Sisters to break the silence caused by powerlessness. Deep mutual acceptance begins the process of empowerment.

Sisters, consequently, formulate action plans that they will, with ongoing mutual support, implement within their ministries.

The heart of the AACSS is the mutual empowerment that will unite women around the world to actively confront other worldwide issues that demean women.

Messages to: Margaret Farley rsm Eileen Hogan rsm co-Directors

For further information, including dates of upcoming conferences, visit the AACSS website

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