October 04, 2019

Support the Amazon Synod: 6-27 October 2019

UISG invites Congregations worldwide to support the Synod in these ways:

Symbolic Space

  • build/make a symbolic tent/space in their community as a reminder to pray for the Synod and to create awareness.

The tent is “a space to meet, to listen and pray for those who want to know the reality and spirituality of the Amazon Region.”

Online Prayer:


  • participate in the Webinar on 16 October: 'Sowing Hope for the Planet: Amazon' (5 languages)

Meeting online:

  • meet on line or at UISG “The Synod through the eyes and hearts of the Religious Sisters who attend the Synod” (5 languages)

Links for the Events online (October 8, 16, 24, 28)

English: https://zoom.us/j/362299086

Español: https://zoom.us/j/946090485

Italiano: https://zoom.us/j/713019306

Français: https://zoom.us/j/743060256

Websites to Watch During the Synod:

Amazon: Common Home
Developed by Global Catholic Climate Movement (3 languages)

Synod2019Sisters Voice
Blogspot developed by UISG (Spanish & English)

General Secretariat for Synod of Bishops (5 languages)

Reflections on the Synod
GCCM: Reflections on the Synod on the Amazon
Reports from the Synod
Dossier Sinodio De La Amazonia - 5-7 Octobre Dossier Sinodio De La Amazonia - 8-9 Octobre Dossier Sinodio De La Amazonia - 10-11 Octobre
Background Reading

'The Special Synod on the Amazon: A Call to the Universal Church to Consider New Pathways and an Integral Ecology' by Sheila Curran rsm

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