April 29, 2012

Annual Leadership Dinner Features Mercy Keynote Speaker (Americas)

In August of 2011, eight students from Carlow University had the pleasure of hearing Sister Marilyn Lacey speak and of taking part in her break out sessions at the Young Mercy Leaders Conference in Dublin, Ireland. We found her an amazing Sister of Mercy bringing the values of the Mercy globally through her organization, Mercy Beyond Borders, where she works with refugees. Once we returned home, we talked about bringing Sister Marilyn to our campus.

On April 18, that hope was fulfilled as the University celebrated the annual Leadership Dinner, a dinner to honor student leaders and all of their work of the academic school year. Along with speeches from various student leaders and Carlow’s president, we also invite a key note speaker. This year that speaker was Sister Marilyn. She discussed with students at Carlow about her experiences around the world and Mercy Beyond Borders, especially their focus, “Where women learn, women matter.” Being a women-centered institution of higher education, this focus is very close to Carlow University.

The night truly came alive when we all sat back in our chairs and opened up our ears, eyes, minds and hearts to what Sister Marilyn had to share with us. Every single story that she depicted felt so real and inspired us to keep striving for more opportunities to help others and follow God’s path for us. At one point I glanced around the room to see other students reactions, it looked as though every person was on the edge of their seat wanting more.

Sister Marilyn also visited two classes – one in leadership and one in political science where the students were mesmerized by the stories of her experiences in her work with refugees over the past twenty years. As Carlow launches a new student organization, Carlow Mercy Leaders, we were fortunate to have the example of this amazing Mercy woman.

Leah Scott and Christina Zazzaro - Carlow University

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