July 22, 2014

ARISE -A Resource in Serving Equality

Founded in 1987 by Gerrie Naughton rsm, ARISE in South Texas is a resource to the immigrant population to bring equality of opportunity for its people.


                                 Children helping each other during the summer reading programme

Originally sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, Saint Louis, ARISE enjoys co-sponsorship of the Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. From its beginning community women working together with Sr. Gerrie knew they needed to prepare to take full responsibility guiding and managing ARISE for the people. Today ARISE operates four separately incorporated centers.

ARISE offers programs which support children’s education, family’s strength from within, all people in cultural transitions and a sense of responsibility to make a better community.

ARISE’s principles:

1) Luke 4:18 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me…chosen me to bring good news… proclaim liberty…recovery of sight…set free and announce the good news of God.”
2) ARISE does not do for the people what they can do for themselves.
3) Look around, assess, decide, act, respond, evaluate and celebrate.
4) Home visits and personal contact are the ways ARISE communicates with the people.
5) ARISE is not here to create a perfect system. ARISE is here to serve.
6) Our hospitality should be cordial which refreshes, animates and invigorates.


           Community women finishing their Arts and Crafts program receiving certificates of participation

These provide spiritual strength and call staff to empower others, be creative, flexible, among the people, and honor the dignity of each person. ARISE believes each community is blessed with persons who can work together to respond to their own needs.

Viva Mercy, Viva Charity, Adelante ARISE!

Messages to: Rose Weidenbenner rsm

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