June 02, 2020

Bread of Life for the World

Elaine Wainwright rsm offers an ecological reading of two extracts from John's Gospel —John 3:16-18 (Trinity Sunday) and John 6:51-58 (Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ).

Sr Elaine writes: 'In the Earth Bible commentary on the Gospel of John, Margaret Daly Denton gives two ecological readings of the gathering of the fragments. The first is the  restoration of the site that provided the space or place for the 5,000 to listen to Jesus and to be fed the bread and fish.

Her second explanation is that Jesus did not want any food to be wasted. The challenge not to waste food is significant. And so is the challenge to restore places and spaces which we have vandalised, particularly through the production and consumption of food. 

The global pandemic affecting millions can alert us to the interrelationship between Earth and the human community and the ways our practices might be impacting Earth at this crucial time.'

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