July 24, 2012

Catherine McAuley in Our Education Apostolate (Philippines)

The Sisters of Mercy in the Philippines have been in the education apostolate since their arrival in 1954. The spirit of Catherine McAuley has reached out to women and children in need of protection from the pitfalls of ignorance which could make them fallen victims of abusive manipulation and unscrupulous exploitation.

Today, we are so challenged with affronts of abusive destruction of Mother Earth with irresponsible mining and deceptive manipulation of the poor through paid-off votes and with alluring promises of good pay.

The Catholic Church in the Philippines is up in arms to defend human life and dignity. People in civil government use their power and influence to lure the population to favor population control measures advocated by the greedy and ambitious rich with designs, devices and drugs detrimental to health and human dignity in the guise of free choice for pleasure, convenience and luxurious comfort, deceptively calling it Reproductive Health (RH) BILL. Proponents use all means to push this population control measure bill into law to get the millions of money from the USA/UN.

We, the Sisters of Mercy inspired by Catherine make ourselves instruments of the Catholic Church in its fight against the RH Bill by making our school community see the divine priceless value of human life conceived in the womb and the woman’s dignity as a mother through wise-love inspired choice of marriage partner for a life-long commitment.

Our young students get involved in the Young Mercy Associates and Venerable Catherine McAuley Youth Club (VCMYC) to know more about the life of the foundress, deepen their catholic faith and imbibe the Mercy charism through spiritual and outreach activities. In this way they get the gospel values and live it so that they become responsible citizens of the country. In God’s mercy, and thru the inspiration of Catherine, we continue to serve our people with joy!

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