July 29, 2014

Celebrating the Opening of MIC on 23 July

'Welcome! Welcome to the home of Catherine McAuley on Baggot Street, Dublin. Today is a very special day for Mercy Sisters and lay Associates all over the world...' These words of Mercy hospitality have been heard all over the Mercy world this past week as the Opening of MIC video has been screened in places near and far from Baggot Street.


At Mercy International Centre staff, volunteers, retreatants and visitors gathered in the dining room for a special morning tea after having watched the video. How significant and special that Mary Trainer (Americas) is at MIC to lead the retreat programme Mercy- the Wildness of Divine Love ( 20-25 July). When Mary was confirmed to lead that programme the planning to screen the video wasn't in place. So it was providence that ensured her presence and Mary has been able to share from her memories and experiences of how the refounding of the First House of Mercy all began...



  Staff at Brisbane Congregation with their Mercy E-news bookmarks joined Catherine Reuter rsm ( Congregation Leader), seated far right and Mary Lawson rsm (photographer) for the screening of the Opening video

In Brisbane, Australia, members of the Leadership Team and Staff came together at the Congregation Offices to watch the video. It was particularly special for those Sisters as the voiceover is by Kath Burke rsm, a member of Brisbane Congregation. Sr Kath was the President of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy, Australia (ISMA) during the establishment of Mercy International Centre and a member of the International Steering Committee. Some of the Brisbane Congregation staff have been on the pilgrimage to Baggott Street, so viewing the video brought memories for them too.

In Washington the Team, Staff and some Sisters from the surrounding areas gathered at the Institute offices for the screening.

In the northern hemisphere Mercy E-news arrives late Tuesday evening and from many accounts it kept a few Sisters up late watching the video, although we tried to publish early.

We've heard stories of impromptu gatherings to watch the video. We've had messages from Sisters and members of the Mercy family about being moved, inspired and encouraged by the Opening ritual and the reflections shared in it by the Sisters and by the stirring words of HE President Mary Robinson.

If you weren't able to watch the video of the Opening of MIC in 1994, it remains online here for all to enjoy and to be encouraged and inspired by in our Mercy ministry.

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA


Thumbnail image: l-r: Mary Trainer rsm (Americas) with Mary Reynolds rsm at the special morning tea on 23 July, 2014

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