December 19, 2018

Christmas Greetings 2018

We bring this year to its conclusion, sharing Christmas greetings with the global Mercy community.

Messages to: the Editor

Christ is born to us today,
in order that he may appear
to the whole world
through us.
Thomas Merton

Mercy Global Presence has been a focus this year for all members of our Mercy world. As we move towards the celebration of this beautiful Christmas season let us gather into our thoughts each corner of the world where Mercy has a presence– the Presence of the Child Emmanuel. Let us send our blessings of Healing and Love to those whose lives we tend:

Refugees, Asylum Seekers and the Homeless; those in Poverty and Danger; Victims of Injustice and Violence; those facing Discrimination: Women, the LGBTQ Community, the Disabled, those affected by Racism; victims of Abuse; those suffering all forms of Illness: Physical, Mental and Emotional; victims of Climate Change and Earth’s Degradation; the Land, Oceans, Birds and Animals under threat from the actions of humanity.

The MIA Members acknowledge our worldwide family – our Sisters, Associates, Partners in Ministry, families and friends – who bring the Mercy Presence to hearts across the globe, and extend the invitation that in embracing the New Year we, filled with the Presence of the New Born, bring to birth Extravagant Love, Heartfelt Kindness and Courageous Action. Mary Louise Petro rsm , President MIA Members
A Christmas wish inspired by Catherine’s Words
As you celebrate Christmas, may you be cheerful and happy animating all around you.
In all your tripping about and busy preparations, may your heart remain centered in God.
May many little cheering things come your way and may peace be in your heart.
May the Christmas candles and lights remind you to be a shining lamp giving light to all around you.
May you open your door often to friend and stranger, offering welcome, friendship and  hospitality  over a good cup of tea.
May you know that as you touch the lives of those around you with the kind word, the compassionate look And the patient hearing of sorrow
You are weaving threads into the tapestry of a Mercy Global Presence that continues to incarnate God’s love today.
Mary Reynolds rsm, CEO MIA
“Candlelight, angel light, firelight and star-glow/Shine on his cradle till breaking of dawn” – these beautiful words from John Rutter’s Candlelight Carol weave together the incarnation of the Cosmic Christ and the incarnation of Jesus the Christ, coming together in the presence and the person of a baby. The first heard word of God “Let there be light” (Gen 1:3) becomes the Word of God made flesh who lives among us (Jn 1:14). Light and word and incarnation are woven into the tapestry that we call Christmas. That same light and word and incarnation are also woven into circles of Mercy which hold each Sister of Mercy and each of our partners in Mercy, each flower and star, ocean and tree, desert and fish, puppy and lamb. Thank you for sharing with us in these circles of Mercy. Emmanuel, God-with-us, is God with all of us. How blessed we are!
Que la luz de las velas, la luz del ángel, la luz del fuego y la luz de las estrellas le den la bienvenida al amanecer este día de Navidad/May candlelight, angel light, firelight and star-glow welcome your dawn this Christmas day. De las hermanas de la misericordia de Canadá y de Perú/From the Sisters of Mercy from Canada and Peru.
May the One who is light brighten your heart this Christmas and throughout the New Year.
Que Dios quien es la luz, ilumine tu corazón en esta Navidad y durante todo el Año Nuevo.
Institute Leadership Team Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
Equipo de Liderazgo del Instituto de la Misericordia de las Américas Patricia McDermott rsm, Judith Frikker rsm, Patricia C. Flynn rsm, Áine O'Connor rsm, Anne Marie Miller rsm
Blessed are thou,
O Christmas Christ,
that thy cradle so low,
that shepherds,
poorest and simplest of earthly folk,
could yet kneel beside it,
and look level-eyed into the face of God*.
Wishing all our Mercy Family, the joy and peace of God With Us, and the inspiration and courage to be a transforming Mercy Global Presence in 2019.
* Anon The Light Shines (Christian Aid 1985). With love, Mary-Louise Petro, and all the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta.
Christmas greetings and joy to all !
This card was painted by a young Montagnard refugee from Vietnam who is waiting in Cambodia for permission to resettle. They have been waiting four years stuck in one house with no freedom of movement. They long for a new bridge of hope so Prayers please that this may come on December 27! Denise Coghlan Cambodia
Ngā mihi o te Kirihimete - Happy Christmas!
As we celebrate Christ among us we welcome with love the poor and vulnerable in our world. May God bless us all with peace and mercy as we journey together in hope. Wishing you all blessings of joy this Christmas. Ngā Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa Sisters of Mercy New Zealand
May God preserve and bless you
and grant you all the graces
and precious gifts reserved
for this Holy Season
(Catherine McAuley)
Wishing all Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Associates and Partners-in-Ministry every blessing in the new year. The Union of the Sisters of Mercy, GB.
Sending prayers for an abundance of hope, love, peace and joy this Christmas and in the new year to our Mercy Family worldwide. Mount St. Mary Academy (established in 1851 in Little Rock, Arkansas)
Sending greetings to our Mercy world family for a blessed and peace filled Christmas. May the warmth and love that surrounds us at Christmas bring hope in our lives, peace in our fragile world and God’s love in our hearts in the coming year. Sister Colette and the Sisters of the Institute of Our Lady of Mercy, G.B.
The Conference for Mercy Higher Education, comprised of the 17 US colleges and universities sponsored by the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, wishes all a joyous Christmas season and a new year of peace and justice for our world.
Here, students from Georgian Court University in Lakewood, New Jersey proudly join the hundreds of thousands who marched for gun control in Washington, DC last year. Moya K. Dittmeier
Executive Director
May you be truly blessed by the Spirit of Christmas. Rejoice always, for unto us a child is born. And His name is Jesus!
Happy Holidays! Maria Johnston Principal
Muffles College High School
Maria College wishes you a blessed and peaceful Christmas filled with hope for the coming new year.
The stained glass image is in Maria College’s McAuley Building chapel. It beautifully depicts the Holy Family, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The McAuley Building (formerly McAuley Residence) was officially opened on Maria Day, April 25, 2018 and contains state-of-the art nursing and occupational therapy labs, classrooms, distance learning, and faculty offices for Maria’s nursing and health and occupational sciences faculty. Elizabeth M. Wales, MS
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
'May God preserve and bless you and grant you the peace of this holy season' - Catherine McAuley
Sisters Loreto Conroy, Carmel McDonough, Margaret Farrell & Jennifer Ryan
Sisters of Mercy North Sydney
On Dec. 21, 2018, the Pittsburgh community will celebrate Foundation Day, marking 175 years of the Sisters of Mercy in Pittsburgh and the United States. Pittsburgh Mercy colleagues, who proudly serve in the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy, wish the Sisters, associates, and colleagues throughout the 'Circle of Mercy' worldwide a happy Foundation Day, a blessed Christmas, and a New Year filled with love, peace, and joy. In the words of Catherine McAuley in a letter to Frances Warde, 'May God preserve and bless you and grant you all the graces and precious gifts reserved for this holy season.' Thank you for continuing to inspire us in our work!" - Pittsburgh Mercy & McAuley Ministries
Very best wishes for every blessing during this Advent/Christmas Season on all of you Mercy Sisters, Associates and partners in Mercy at MIA, who produce Mercy E News weekly throughout the year. I feel really connected to our Mercy Family worldwide. Have a good rest during your Christmas break
Love and prayer
from all of the Mercy Family in Rosebank, Johannesburg,
Marie McIntyre rsm
May you be blessed with Joy, Love and Peace this Christmas and throughout the coming year.
The Mercy High School Community, Middletown, Connecticut
"Close to God, All is Peace and Contentment." ~ Frances Warde
May the Miracle of Christmas Fill Your Heart with Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.
In Mercy,
The Mercy Education System of the Americas Board of Directors and Staff
«Cerca de Dios, Todo es Paz y Contentamiento». ~ Frances Warde
Que el milagro de la Navidad LLene su Corazón de Esperanza, Paz, Alegría y Amor.
En Misericordia,
El Sistema de Educación de la Misericordia de las Américas Directiva y Personal
As we celebrate this Christmas, let us remember the poor, the refugees and the world. For the work the Mercy Sisters do around our world, let us give thanks. Let each one of us pray that peace and love is pour into their hearts this Christmas. The love that was shown when Christ was born strengthens us all year through and that is cause for hope. Wishing all a blessed Christmas and New Year. Anne Simons Mercy Associate (Canberra- Australia)
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